Who is That Woman in the Super Bowl Fiat Ad? - Catrinel Menghia

Did you notice that girl with the scorpion tattoo....  or more specifically, the beautiful woman in that Super Bowl Fiat ad?  I'm thinking most men have.  I've had more than a few requests about her so digging I went!  You have to admit she exudes captivating in this ad.

Who Is the Fiat Abarth Woman?

The beautiful woman from the Fiat ad is Catrinel Menghia.  The ad is for the FIAT 500 Abarth and the TV ad was made for the 2012 Super Bowl Commercial campaign.  It's rightfully titled "Seduction."  When I had last looked at it, the YouTube ad vid had about 8  million hits... hmm, I wonder why?

Catrinel is actually a Romanian born model who lives in Milan, Italy and she is presently the Giorgio Armani girl!  But as you can see, she has branched out into television commercials... which I presume no one is complaining about.

FYI:  That scorpion we see on the back of her neck is actually the Fiat Abarth logo. (There, I did my duty for the car enthusiasts!)

[youtube link]

PS on the FYI:  That lucky bastard commercial actor in the ad with Catrinel pretty much played this part, either with incredible conviction or it only took one take of drooling... either way... great job for the day.  And GOOD LUCK trying to find his name out!  LOL.


A Little Bit About Catrinel Menghia

It's been said that Catrinel was discovered by a local agent in Bucharest when she was 16-years-old.  He took her to the MRA Agency to meet some folks, and six months later, she started her modeling career.

In her career, she's been seen in the 2006 South African Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and has been in FHM and Maxim features.  She can also be spotted in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, GQ, and ad campaigns for Emporio Arman, Peroni, Bruno Manetti, Cotton Club.


She was also a lingerie model for Lise Charmel and was working for Giorgio Armani Worldwide.  I presume she still is but if they stay with Megan Fox (left), well, that can't bode well for the competition. 


Most recently Catrinel was part of the SI Swimsuit 2011 Model Search

And I'm sorry to say guys, but her last known status is that of being married to Italian ex-footballer Massimo Brambati.

Humorous Footnote:  If you do a Google search for "woman in fiat ad," you'll most likely get more hits about Catrinel.  If you search for "girl in fiat ad," Jennifer Lopez pops up.  (Hmm, the first time I did that, the aforementioned occurred.  But today, I must have infected my Google Search history and it thinks it's helping me.)

Below is a screen shot of what you might get if you Googled (or ogled) Catrinel Menghia image search.  Have fun boys.



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