'Big Brother' 15 Recap (9-4): Amanda Goes 'Wah' Again

With Amanda and McCrae up on the Big Brother block to be evicted from the house, as I predicted last time, Amanda got pissed and threw her usual bipolar fit and rage of snapping with anger then crying, snapping, crying.

First, she charged out and called out Spencser and Andy, TELLING them they are working with GinaMaria (GM).  Then Amanda charged up to the HOH room to "figure this out."


She's a hoot.  I don't know what I'd do if I were ever stuck in a box with this b*!

For some reason, she has to scream and shout and run about when she's nominated.  Or, to put it better, gets out-played.  Or, it "doesn't make any sense." because "everyone else" would come after GM.

AH!!! At the NINE-MINUTE mark, Amanda started balling.

How the hell can she be a real estate agent?  Does she cry everytime a client bails on her, or scream and shout at them?

But then in the diary room vids, they both (independently) make mention of their feelings about each other and how they'll miss each other.  OK, now the root of the problem is out there.  It's sort of sweet, if it werent' that raging mouth-monster creature, Amanda.

But part of the problme now is that while Andy is trying to keep McCranda calm and pretend to be with them, Elissa is not in on the play and is getting suspicious.  Eh, this shouldn't be to big of a snag.


The Power of Veto challenge involved lots of spinning and a bowling game of sorts.

Amanda is called THREE times in a row to spin and spin spin.  Also, to puke her guts out.

But Amanda eliminates Elissa, Andy and GM right off the bat.  Then McCrae eliminates Spencer.

It's Amanda and McCrae against each other. And it was a nail biting match.

But in the end, after all the spinning and barfing, McCrae won the PoV.


And now we see the sob stories from McCranda.

Seriously CBS...  it's a sad state of affairs when you start playing this "oh poor me" card in your editing for Amanda.  That's one person that does not deserve that kind of sympathy.  Have you NOT BEEN WATCHING?


Back to the routine:  During the PoV speech, Amanda started to cry.  (Again.)

McCrae uses the Veto on himself.

Psst:  GM was toying with a rock-paper-scissors contest for who would be the pawn to go up on the block with Amanda.

Amanda chose Spencer.

Amanda says in her journal video that GM nominated her because "the bimbo was jealous" of her relationship with McCrae.

That's that.  Well, except that the Big Brother season finale is up in two weeks, so lots has to happen.  Like the next episode being a double eviction episode.

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