Breaking Bad's "Ozymandias," As All Things Go As Fans Expected

After this, only two episodes are left to watch how the fate and destiny for Walter White may fall.

The last time we saw Breaking Bad, a terrible gun fight had broken out between Hank (Dean Norris) and Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada) and Todd's (Jesse Plemons) people.  All the while Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Walter (Bryan Cranston) were more or less stuck in the middle of it all.

Breaking Bad recap of Ozymandias - Hank and Gomez in shootout

(THANK YOU AMC, for using a teaser for this episode that gave nothing away.  It was beautifully done to keep us in our proper suspense.)

All week, I pondered how Hank and team would get out from under this?  Who might come to their last-minute rescue?  How would this pan out?

Just in case you're not clear, this is a recap with some opinion laid out at the end.  THIS IS A SPOILER-FILLED piece

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The episode opened with a flashback to the original cook site in the RV with Walt and Jesse cooking.  We watch Walt's first lie to his wife, Skylar (Anna Gunn), telling her he's working late.  (We watch him rehearse his lie before making the call.)

As the scene ends we watch Walt, Jesse, then the RV fade away, and all we're left with is the desert.

We return from the commercial break and recent events fade back into the scene, where we see Gomez shot dead, Hank bleeding heavily from a leg wound.  Jack (Michael Bowen) is about to put down Hank, and Walt tries to intervene, to stop him from killing him.

Walt gives up his money to try and convince Jack to stop, but Frank heartlessly puts one in Hank's head.  This truly impacts Walt.  Family was finally impacted by his lifestyle.  Then Walt shows Jack where Jesse is hiding.

As Jack's crew drags Jesse off, Walt has to throw in one last horrible jab, and tells him he watched Jane die in his bed.

Breaking Bad recap of Ozymandias - Walter signing off on Jesse's life

What a f*er.

Then Jack's guys drag Jesse away.  He gives a can of money to Walt, and "calls it even."

Todd's guys work Jesse over pretty bad, trying to get out of him everything he might have told Hank and the DEA.  He seems to have said all he's going to say, then Todd takes Jesse to his own meth lab, ties him to a chain, and lets him see a pic of his ex-girlfriend and her kid.


Walt's car had run out of gas (It was shot, and bled out gas) The greedy SoB ends up rolling his can of money from the trunk, and across the desert.  He ends up buying a used truck from an Indian after leaving the scene of the shootout.

Marie (Betsy Brandt) shows up at the car wash, telling Sky about Hank's phone call from the last episode. (Hank called Marie to gloat that Hank has busted Walt.)

She asks Sky to tell Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) everything, or she will.  Sky does tell Walt Jr., and he is devastated and calls her a liar.

We find Walt is at his house, packing suitcases for everyone as Marie, Skylar and Walt Jr drive up. 

Jr tries to get info out of Walter, but he redirects him constantly.  Sky asks where Hank is... again, and redirects with yet another lie, promising to explain everything later.  Sky continues to push.

Breaking Bad recap of Ozymandias - Sky and Walt jr in fear of Walter

It finally comes out.  Despite Walt never answering the question, it all comes out.  And then Sky and Walt start to fight, she slashes him with a knife.  Walt Jr steps in, then calls 911.  Walt takes the baby and runs.

Because, "We're family!"  What a f*er.


We tune back in with Walt in a restroom with his baby, Holly.  But the child cries for momma.  HA Hank!!  HA!

Niiice!!!  They do call out an Amber Alert.

Dum bass... I mean Walt calls Sky...  He then berates Sky and tells her this is all her fault.

And then, in a rather surprising move, Walt spells out, in so many terms, how she had nothing to do with his "enterprise."  And Sky, being quick of mind, seems to understand and goes along with this phone conversation (that the cops are taping.)

Walt then leaves Holly at a fire station.

The episode ends with Walt sitting in the designated place that Saul's "man" picks people up.  That man that takes people and shuttle them off, so they can start new lives, incognito.

As the van drives away, a lone stray dog trots across the scene, behind the vanishing red van.


This episode is filled with shocking events and visuals, much like Vince Gilligan likes to feed viewers.

In the fade-away scene in the opening, it was like a message saying that no matter what we do, it's all temporary.  We're here, we destroy things, then we're gone.

Then as present-day events fade into view, the destruction that ensues seems to prove this to me.

Then we experience another one of the most shocking losses in Breaking Bad, when Jack puts a bullet in Hank's head.  This took me back to when Walter killed Mike.

We can now add two more kills to the total body count that I accredit to what Walt is responsible for, from drug dealers, to the body count from the airline accident that Jane's dad let happen in his grief from losing his daughter.

I'm sitting here, watching this episode, so speechless to what all things have come down to.

And now, this is just a game of patience, hoping to see how Walt gets his, in the end of all this.

His phone call to Sky in the end, he seems to have figured out or assume the cops are there, despite her denying it.  And it's here that Marie and Walt Jr. learn of the potential demise of Hank.

And yet another image of something innocent (the stray dog) trotting across the scene.


With Walt leaving with Saul's name-changing guy, I'm guessing it's very possible that the next episode's title, "Granite State," could very well mean that Walt did go to New Hampshire to start a new life.

Or as Vince Gilligan said, Walt gets a new pair of glasses.

No one has any evidence on him at this point, as far as I know.  It was all under Hank's control.

Walt seems to be getting away, headed to NH.  But there are two episodes left. Something must go wrong or Walt does something stupid to draw himself back in.  Or does he need to get the money he's got back to Sky and Walt Jr., or want his money back from Todd and Jacks' people?

Who knows!?

But it all does come back to family, as Walter White seems to pull the heat off of Skylar with that crazy phone call of his.  There's still a shred of humanity in there.  Isn't there?


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