Funniest Danny Trejo Exlusive Article I've Ever Seen

Danny Trejo - Dead in Tombstone, Sons of Anarchy, Machete Kills

I was cruising the web looking for things to spam (YouTube calls me a spammer these days.  That's why they've shut down my Brusimm YouTube Channel.) and I saw the funniest article title.

Well, to be accurate, the article got funny after reading through it because it's an exclusive article on Variety talking about Danny Trejo's role in a then, upcoming movie, called Reaper.

But what's funny to me was that the article just seems to tell, or recant cast and production details from IMDb.  (To be honest, maybe when the article went live, it might have had juicy new insider news on who was starring in and producing Reaper.  And what their next projects will be.)

But usually, I associate the term "exclusive" to being some other kind of production news or interviews that isn't from or will land on IMDb or isn't from a group red carpet presser or other silly things.


All joking aside, Danny Trejo looks like one of the busiest actors in all of Hollywood.  He's got one of the most well-known faces that just keeps showing up, and to be honest, shows up in fun roles.  (Though on occasion, he goes for serious roles, but not always under the best production efforts. Not his fault!)

With that said, check out my exclusive reading of IMDb on Danny Trejo:

Trejo has had roles in 181 movies of a various nature, to date.

He's appeared in 56 TV shows, one of them being Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad.  His latest, as the voice of Venom on Phineas and Ferb.

He has 22 films he'll be showing up in, under various production stages.  His latest movies out (at this moment) include Pendejo, Dead in Tombstone, and Machete Kills.

This is a list of movies in production of some stage

Movie, Role, year due out, status
A Horse Story - Moonlight (voice)     2015     Post-production
The Last Duane - Espada     2014     Pre-production
The Book of Life - Actor (voice)     2014     Filming
Muppets Most Wanted - Actor     2014     Completed
Vengeance - Actor, Producer     2014     Completed
Vieques - Gigante     2014     Pre-production
Voodoo Possession - Kross     2014   
Bad Asses - Frank Vega     2014     Post-production
Boost - Roy Casares     2014     Pre-production
In the Blood - Actor     2014     Completed
Repentance - Chimalle     2014     Pre-production
Snap Shot - Actor     2014     Filming
Strike One - Manny Garcia, Producer     2014     Post-production
VANish - Carlos     2014     Post-production
Reaper - Jack     2013     Post-production
Beyond Justice - Tattoo     2013     Post-production
Big Guns - Actor     2013     Post-production
Bullet - Frank     2013     Post-production
L.A. Slasher - The Drug Dealer #2     2013     Post-production
Redemption: The Darkness Descending - Angel     2013     Post-production
The Prey - Vega     2013     Post-production


And he has 9 projects under development... and don't laugh to hard when you see that new Machete title...

179th Street - Raul Ceviche, Co-producer     2014     Unknown
Ambition - Ricky Mejia (rumored), Producer     ????     Unknown
In with the Outlaws - Chief Sunny-With-Showers (rumored)     ????     Turnaround
Irwindale (short) - Danny Trejo     ????     Script
Machete Kills Again... In Space! - Machete     ????     Script
Raggedy Anne - The Gun Shop Owner     ????     Unknown
Skinny Dip - El Tigre     ????     Unknown
Tarantula - Carson     ????     Unknown
The Dead Cage - Cage     ????     Script


As you can see, development is a loosey-goosey status that could mean anything from hoped for, to rumored, to possibly actually being in script development.  Which even then, script development means little until it gets pitched, bought and pulled into production.

And that concludes Bruce's Exclusive Reading of IMDb.


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