'Sons of Anarchy' Recap of 'John 8:32', Oh Yes, The Truth Is Out There

CCH Pounder and Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy, 11-5-13 ep recap

Sons of Anarchy episode "John 8:32" kicked in, and after this, we only have four episodes left in this season.

Tonight Clay sets some plans in motion for his immediate future, while the DA starts leaning on SAMCRO from every direction.  Gemma comes clean to the men in her life and Jax learns some things, as the title, John 8:32 suggests.

Oh, and we FINALLY start to get some back story on our ghost of a homeless girl tonight.  That's almost as exciting as any thing else in the ep.


The episode opens with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) looking at his reflection in a mirror, as he reflects on his own situation.

We watch Gemma (Katey Sagal), in what looks like a prayer position next to her bed, with Nero (Jimmy Smits) in it. 

{ Have you noticed that Gemma has given up her love birds and now has crows in her bird cage?  Is this some creative symbology? If so, it's a good one. -Bruce }

Gemma tells Nero about Tara's (Maggie Siff) move.

Jax tells Tara about keeping Clay around to run guns for the Irish.

It seems Gemma and Jax are coming clean about some things in their emotional closets.


DA Patterson (CH Pounder) asks Eli (Rockmond Dunbar) to put a hard tail on Jax.  She questions if Eli has any issue stepping hard on SoA... he says he doesn't.

Wayne (Dayton Callie) sits down with Jax, starting to tell him he has a great family, but... then they're interrupted by a young girl who breaks the candy store window.  When Jax catches her she starts yelling rape.

Hello, meet Brooke (Hayley McFarland).

Eli shows up with a few units, telling him he has a new tail, courtesy of Patterson.  Jax gets it.

Tara signs more paperwork with their lawyer and the lawyer asks if she has anything else up her sleeve.  Nope.

Clay is sitting in on a sermon.  He gets a nod from someone in the room and he stands up and evidences his strong atheist perspectives.  Enough so, that the guards step up to contain him and Clay bites the face of one of the guards.


Nero, who knows what Gemma knows, tries to let Jax know what Tara has done, but Tara's scheming has taken full effect, and Jax says no one talks about this situation again or they can't do business together.

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy, recap of ep John 8:32,

Jax then learns that Patterson is leaning on Charles Barosky (Peter Weller) and his escort business.  He bows out of his business dealings with the club for now.  He doesn't want this heat on his own dealings.

{ Rumor on the "street" say we'll probably be seeing more of Charles later this, or next season.  We'll see. -Bruce }

Gemma shows up and before the family heat builds up too much, Gemma tells Jax that Nero was willing to take the blame for the guns that Patterson is looking for.


Hayley McFarland in Sons of Anarchy ep John 8:32

Jax finds and chats with Gary Putner (Clint Culp), the father of Brooke, and we find out that the girl's mother was killed in the accident that killed Jax's father.  She's bipolar and has other issues.

{ Gang, this is something bigger than just the girl... you'll see in a moment. }

As Jax and Putner talk, we learn that he's been packing up and he came across some things that set his daughter off.

Jax notices a picture on the mantle, which turns out to be a picture of Putner and his wife.  Jax mutters how she looks familiar.

{ Did anyone recognize her?  It's the homeless girl ghost we've been seeing on and off throughout the series? }

Nero tries to chat with Tara about the s*! that's going on because of her.  But she sort of snaps, telling Nero he needs to get out because Gemma killed Jax's father, was also probably going to kill Clay and that he should get out while he can.

{ At this point in the game, I don't think Nero is in such a situation that he's in any danger from her.  Yet.  This is different. }

Clay is in solitary, and gets a phone from the doctor, to make a phone call, making arrangements for his "get out of prison" plot.

He later pays a slightly more painful price, as the doctor retrieves the phone from Clay, then lets in the guard whose nose Clay bit off.  He has 40 minutes of quality time with the strapped down Clay Morro.

Gemma corners Margaret (McNally Sagal [Yes, she is.]) and gets it out of her that Tara's pregnancy was bogus.  Gemma is pretty calm about it, and Margaret pushes the issue that Gemma has no proof.  But Gemma is not looking for proof.  Just clarification that Jax can latch on to.  He'll do the rest.


The club makes a vote, and Jax heads off to see DA Patterson.  WHAT?

He presents her an offer "That's way above her paygrade:" the Irish and the KG-9's.  For the info, he wants immunity for all gun charges for the club, and that with the charges against Tara be revisited.

Part of his pitch:

"I'm the scumbag outlaw, and you're the pillar of justice. Neither one of us likes looking at ourselves in the mirror."

What a pickle for the DA, to have him hold sway over her with something bigger than himself and the club.  But how can she turn it down?


Jax is looking to settle Nero's motivation about Gemma and Tara and they start going at it, but Gemma shows up and she finally gets to let Jax know what Tara has done abut setting up for a divorce, the fake pregnancy, taking the kids out of Charming.

Later, Jax confirms with Tara's lawyer what Gemma tells him.

Afterwards, she calls Tara to let her know that Jax knows everything.

Back at the Nero/Gemma scene, Nero asks Gemma if she killed John Teller.  She tells Nero about John's efforts to get out of guns back then and get out from under the IRA.

It's Gemma's version, but close to accurate.

She says she didn't kill him, but knew it had to be done for what was best for the club.  And that she gave her blessing to Clay to kill John Teller.


Jax is reeling from this new information about Tara, but heads off to the candy store to find the pipe-wrench girl waiting to talk to him.

She says thank you to Jax for making arrangements for her dad to keep the house that they were having trouble with the mortgage on.

"John 8:32" closes this latest episode of Sons of Anarchy with us seeing Tara at home, rocking her baby to sleep.  A big handgun in her lap.  (Classic SoA imagery)

The girl is leaving the candy store after having chatted with Jax, and walks past a dumpster with our favorite homeless girl ghost (Olivia Burnette) rooting around... she looks up from the trash and gazes after the girl.

- - -

Things are building up in this 9th episode of season 6 of Sons of Anarchy.  Seeing that even though Tara truly could not escape Jax's wrath, and still, comforting herself with a firearm is truly pitiful.

The DA could dance to Jax's tune, if she wants to.

Nero seems to have some serious thinking to do, while Gemma tells Nero something she's never told anyone else, ever.

Wayne has quietly brokered the situation that eventually ends with Jax confronting (peacefully) Tara's lawyer, Ally Lowen (Robin Weigert).

And then there's Clay, praying to the sweet holy pussy in prison.  Now that's how you get yourself a stint in the psych ward.  (Which is where he needed to be to get his phone.)

Four episodes to go this season.  Next week, "Huang Wu," and the week after, "Aon Rud Persanta."

See you then!

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