Jesse Eisenberg Hated Comic-Con And Screaming Fans

Jesse Eisenberg hating Comic-Con
 (This is how Eisenberg looked through much of the panel,
wishing he were somewhere else.)

Not sure if you've seen the news or not, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's star Jesse Eisenberg had declared his experience at Comic-Con to be akin to genocide.

Yep, he hated being at Comic-Con and hated being screamed at by loyal fans.

The exact quote about his being at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 was,

"It is like being screamed at by thousands of people. I don’t know what the experience is throughout history, probably some kind of genocide. I can’t think of anything that’s equivalent."

OK... Jess, it's not like being screamed at by thousands. You WERE being screamed at by 7,000 lucky and adoring fans in Hall H.

And no, people are not dying in Hall H.

So maybe we're not all backstage at "The Con" to know what was going on, but dozens upon dozens of other cast members from different movies put on a good, brave face when they were up in front of those screaming fans.

In fact some have fun there.

I remember several years ago watching Jamie Bamber doing a panel. His attitude then helped me decide to not give a shit about him because he acted all put out, slouched in his chair, looked pained that he had to answer what few questions he did actually verbally answer and just acted the ass.


So maybe we are taking Eiseberg's statement out of context. Maybe he meant Comic-Con was like genocide, in a GOOD way? Maybe? Or was that a poor choice of words as he tried to describe?

Watching the panel, he isn't smiling. Much. At all.

- - -

I've always had a working theory about the majority of actors. That is that they tend to act close to within the realm of their own personalities. There are others that tend to show a huge range of different characters, and then there are those that have a specific kind of projection nailed down.

Now without calling anyone any names, I'd like to say that I have always thoroughly enjoyed Eisenberg's portrayal of sharp-tongued nasy dicks.

I mean think about it... he's been great in those focused, intense, and self-righteous roles. Has he not?

But hey, it is what it is and what it is, is he is now deducting fan "boy" points as we speak, with how he declared his horrible experience at SDCC.

I guess he's better than everyone else. Hey, I'm sure some of these folks have better things to do and don't what to be there. Sometimes you can see they're mailing it in from the panels and other times they look like they are just having the best time they can.

But this is one of those time where cast can interact with fans there at SDCC and can also show fans who are not there just how human or appreciative an actor can be. Or that's what I think. I could be wrong.

- - -

Any second now I'm waiting to hear about his retraction or admission to using the wrong words about SDCC and genocide. Because frankly, those two events are quite different.

Here's the 22-min panel tape if you want to watch Jesse Eisenberg suffer.

Source: screen crush.

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