DC Comics No Longer Wants to Batgirl It...

DC says no more Batgirling, or no more experiments with characters

News on the street is that DC Comics lost around $2 million last year and instead of buckling down and charging forward with new and daring takes on their established characters like they successfully have with Batgirl, DC has instructed editors to quit with the experiments and to stay the line with the tried and true.

Now they had great success with new versions or visions of Harley Quinn and Batgirl, and that had them thinking. But they get a bit of a flesh wound and they are going to revert to what they know. Since when has Batman or Superman been beat down then back off from the bad guy?

So DC is allegedly taking the chicken shit approach and backing off, or, as being reported via "sources," to stop Batgirling.

This when myself and other people were on the verge of checking out the new Superman and Batman characters. But now, all we'll be getting, if these "sources" are correct, are the same old stuff for Superman and Batman, or back to the safe route.

I don't see how not taking some kind of chance is the best move. The risky changes they made got many folks attentions and got some buzz going.

But this non-divergence from the stale characters we've grown up loving well, it's called stagnation and nothing stagnate ever lasts.

I think they need the new and revamped versions of their characters. It's refreshing and gets the core customers off their seats (so to speak) to check out the new stuff. I love the idea of Superman in jeans and a jacket, but now, it seems safer to go back to the old, to make sure there is no confusion with fans between the comics and the movies.

Plus I have to wonder if this loss is going to have an impact on their productions on television?

I get going with what's worked. I do. But if anyone remembers back in the day when they killed off Superman, they were going to kill off the title because it was languishing in sales, and then they did something new, daring and different and boom... sales skyrocketed.

Then they brought back various renditions of Superman, sparking the title back into existence as Clark Kent went powerless, brandishing a long mane of black hair. (Oh crap, I hope that wasn't a spoiler for some!)

Well, it was fun for a short while. I hope this new old plan works for them. IF, this story from "sources" is true. And if so, it's a bit disappointing.



source: .bleedingcool.

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