JUSTICE LEAGUE DOOM Animated Feature Review

JUSTICE LEAGUE DOOM animated review

This is a quick review of the DC animated feature, Justice League Doom, with the voice talent of Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Susan Eisenberg, Nathan Fillion, and Michael Rosenbaum...

"Vandal Savage uses stolen information from Batman's secret files to mastermind a plan to exterminate the Justice League."

This film loosely based on Mark Waid's JLA comic story arc, "JLA: Tower of Babel".


The story opens with Batman scoping out a location, one that is hidden by a hologram, and finds The Royal Flush gang stealing diamonds. But this is more than that. It's about multi-dimensional interfaces, a technology the Flush gang has, but seems completely out of their league of use.

While the Flush gang engages the league, we learn there's an ulterior plan in place backed by the Legion of Doom's Vandal Savage. That being to take out each member of the Justice League in whatever fashion, to keep them busy and out of their hair.

Justice League Doom animated - Legion of Doom

Savage hires Mirror Master to steal information from Batman's computer, and using that information he sets Bane, Cheetah, Ma'alefa'ak, Star Sapphire, and Metallo on our heroes.

With the information gleaned from Batman's computer files, they know each person's weakness to take advantage of and it almost works.

This is the Justice League, and as you would expect, they prevail. Additionally in this 2012 animated feature, we watch Cyborg become a member of the Justice League and Superman gives Batman a piece of Kryptonite, just in case he goes rogue.

Which I suspect some of these very story components will be components of the upcoming Batman v Superman film.  The animation style is fairly classic, the story is quick-paced and frustrating all at once, since each character's classic enemy suddenly all have the insight to beat the repeat adversary. But it is what it is and it takes Batman to figure out how to counter his own informational insights and save his teammates.

Over on IMDb users gave this flick a 7.5/10.