USA's DIG Series Review

USA's DIG Series Review

Peter, an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem who, while investigating a murder of a young female archaeologist, uncovers a conspiracy 2000 years in the making.

Dig stars Jason Isaacs, Christopher Heyerdahl (briefly in the beginning), Anne Heche, Lauren Ambrose, Ori Pfeffer, David Costabile, Angela Bettis, Richard E. Grant, and Alison Sudol.

It's a rich and varied cast that backs this police procedural based around political and religious subterfuge. When you mix the trickery of politics with the "enthusiasm" of religious aspirations, you can get a very complicated situation.

But show creator Tim Kring (Heroes) brought a very easy to digest story that could have gotten very complicated in the wrong hands.

Instead, we find ourselves following three or four primary stories that intertwine, and it's kept to that.

Our hero, Peter, finds himself facing a huge uphill battle while investigating a murder of a young woman, who seemingly was looking into a suspicious scenario that invovles the deepest rooted mythologies of religion.

The dead girl's notes lead Peter on an intriguing journey, one of which is how close to home this victim seems, to be like his own daughter and that tragic chapter of his life.  This facet alone keeps everyone from taking him serious. And that is he crux of his challenge. Not only trying to sort through the clues, but to fight off the stigma that he is being affected by what happened to him personally.

The show is a bit faster than a slow burn but each mystery has a payout and the producers are not afraid to take chances.

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