Monday, February 16, 2015

THE SLAP, A Review of a Short-Lived TV Series?

The Slap series premiere aired Thursday on NBC (2-12-15) to just over 5 million curious television viewers, which some industry experts refer to as a modest start to this eight-episode miniseries. (This show has been running since 2011 down in Australia)

The cast is impressive for a television series:

It stars Zachary Quinto as Harry, (the slapper), Dylan Schombing (the slapee), Melissa George (the slapee’s mother), Uma Thurman, Penn Badgley, Peter Sarsgaard, Blythe Danner, Thandie Newton, Makenzie Leigh, Brian Cox, Thomas Sadoski (Slapee’s father) and Victor Garber just to name a few.

The show opens introducing us to a mildly spineless father and husband, Hector (Sarsgaard), his “strong willed” wife (Newton), and their little family dynamic, including that 18 year old girlfriend that dad has on the side. We then slide up into a barbecue birthday party for Hector, where all the family and friends are invited.. including his illicit little girl-toy (What?).

The scene is set as we meet everyone coming in to the party and it’s clear what the messages are. Harry (Quinto) seems to have that edge of anger-at-life mode, he already hates Hugo’s (slapee) father, Gary (Sadoski), and it is clear cut that Hugo has been brought up in a sort of hands-off fashion… unless you count when mom Rosie (George) breast feeds him when the five-year-old gets in trouble or yelled at. And this kid is a hellion. He destroys a vinyl record collection, tosses expensive electronics at a whim, shreds the flower garden to keep himself entertained. When playing with friends he believes he deserve six outs, not three, when he can’t hit a toy ball with a wooden bat that somehow manages to find it’s way into the little demon’s hands.

Meanwhile all the adults are engaged in either hand-holding with their 18-year-old girlfriend, arguing that Hector needs to control his wife (Old school grandparents) or what not. So pretty much everyone is ignoring the debacle that is taking place.

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