POWER RANGERS Movie character designs

BOOM! Studios released the looks of the new Power Rangers from the new, upcoming movie titled, wait for it, you'll be stunned...

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"

And true to form, if the name of the movie is any indication, is well, that the rangers look NO DIFFERENT than any other incarnation.

You would think, with an opportunity of a new film to spark the franchise, they'd change something about the franchise. Or I would any way.

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BBC seems to be panicking a bit about their new and revised version of Top Gear.

Since the staffing change up, they've hired Chris (not Marvel's) Evans, but he's already wrecked an expensive loaner Jag while filming. Their producer Lisa Clark, has left, script editor Tom Ford left and according to sources, the person in charge, one Kim Shillinglaw, is a control freak or nightmare meddler.

That's never good, to be micro managed.

There also seem to be huge communication gaps among the staff and studio, AKA, the new moderator, Evans, has been making announcements off the cuff that the producers aren't aware of or ready for.

Meanwhile, back at the Amazon production ranch, the old staff from the original good show, Clarkson, Hammond and May, seem pretty happy, considering they're working with a budget ten times that of what they used to have with BBC.

For more, see [ utmnews.com ]

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Damn.. the latest production of Resident Evil is having a bucket of terrible and tragic luck.

A few months ago a stunt person named Olivia Jackson had a motorcycle accident while filming for this latest and last installment of the franchise, but she now has permanence scarring and will probably be getting her left arm amputated from the accident.

Then during another scenario, a large vehicle slid off a platform, hitting, crushing and killing Ricardo Cornelius.

But per a late-Decemeber article in Deadline Hollywood, no one from the production team had spoken out with condolences for the loss of the man's life.

The article is here:  [ deadline.com ]

And his wife, apparently torn up, as most would be, is going crazy with her FB posts about missing her hubby terribly.  [ https://www.facebook.com/shafiefa.jumat.3 ]

As sad as it seems, it does seem a little overboard, but we all have our methods of grieving.

Our thoughts go out to everyone involved in these tragic events. It's sad that a life is lost while making a mere movie for sheer, popcorn entertainment.

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  1. Chris Evans is known as a car guy in the UK, he also owns a TV production company and knows the TV game really well so i am sure he is just playing games to get press coverage.


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