We just got our first glimpse at the reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise, now with an all-female centric cast.

To be honest, it looks cute. We see Slimer, we see the classic sliming scene, and even what sounds like an updated version of the theme song.

But it isn't catching my fancy. I'm going to need more than the slap-schtick comedy they just put out here.

How do you feel about it?

- - -

Here's a good one: To help their marketing stance, WB has announced that Suicide Squad 2 has already been ordered and ready to go, with Will Smith set to return.

Or so they say.

I know that saying a sequel is already in the works is a great way to make people think this first film, still five months away from release, is going to be good.

But plans can change as quick as a drop of a hat. The moment they see the box office numbers, that will be what determines if a sequel will be made or not.

Because, frankly my dear, the talking about a sequel is just that, nothing but words. And I don't want you, my readership, needlessly wasting your money on something that might not be worth it!!!

PS: Oh, and actors are usually signed up for multiple films of a franchise title, just in case. So that talk is just standard.

- - -

Hey Ghost in The Shell fans, actor/comedian Beat Takeshi just joined the cast of the live action film.

And for some, this is pretty exciting because so far most of the film casting has been called white-washing, since this is the first Asian actor to join the cast of this Asian franchise film.

Scarlett Johansson plays the lead in the film while Michael Pitt will play the bad guy.

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