BULL Series Premiere Review

Bull, on CBS, starring Michael Weatherly, is about Dr. Jason Bull, who runs a trial consulting firm. They're hired to help defendants in tight situations.

The show is based on the early years of Dr. Phil McGraw, and at the heart of the show, is a basic crime procedural.

In the series premiere, they opened the show with a unique kind of quick format to introduce the crime and the capture of the suspect. But then, in this case, Bull is hired  to analyze the jury and come up with a plan to help them see the right answer, or the answer that the defendant wants. He helps the defendants formulate the court tactics.

This science is nothing new, this bit about predicting or calculating how a jury will react. We even saw it represented in the FX series about OJ Simpson's trial, where they were trying to stack the jury one way or the other, dependent on various factors.

It's a fascinating new look at the underpinnings of the construction of an important trial. And it was a nice, different look at Michael Weatherly portraying someone else besides Tony DiNozzo, over on NCIS.

The show, or at least this premiere episode, is more focused on the workings of the process and not actually getting to the actual conviction of the real "bad guy."

I enjoyed the show, but it might be too cerebral for the general Nielsen family. I've seen really good, smart shows come and go because it requires more than the normal television watching commitment.

We'll see how it pans out... though at present, it has an acceptable rating of 6.4/10 on IMDb. But that score also might be supporting my fears about the show not making it because it's too smart for its own good.

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