MACGYVER Series Premiere Review (Shaky Cam Warning!!!)

The MacGyver premiere on CBS was a wonderful attempt to reignite the classic and famous franchise.

The series premiere started out at a fast pace, with MacGyver (Lucas Till) jury rigging this, that and the other thing. He was working to liberate a chemical weapon from from a bad guy's safe. But one thing led to another and MacGyver gets double crossed, and his partner and girlfriend, killed.

We jump ahead three months, he's emotionally recovering and he gets put back on the job, and that job is to retrieve the same chemical weapon he lost in his previous assignment.


MacGyver is more action packed than brain-packed and I'm not sure if the original series was the same way, though I suspect it.

At the moment, there isn't much substance and all action. Maybe they'll start fleshing out the characters as time goes on, considering this is a show about the team that MacGyver is on, and not just him. But there are two things that made me cringe.

Tracy Spiridakos guest starred in this episode, which freaked me out considering the last time I saw her was in NBC's Revolution, where her acting traumatized many TV fans into a comatose state.

The other thing which will be the big dissuading factor for me is that the action scenes are filmed in EXTREME SHAKY cam mode and that sucks. Period. Shaky Cam is an art, not a technique where the camera handler pretends to have a seizure while filming. If this does become a consistent thing with the show, then I AM GONE.

At this point I'm not sure I need to add yet one more action show to my queue of shows that I will be DVRing. Particularly if they're going to make me have headaches or nausea watching it.

IMDb users have only given it a 4.6/10. I'll let you be the judge from there.

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