Dont' Waste Poke Coins On POKEMON GO Incense, Get The Incubator Instead

Dont' Waste Coins On POKEMON GO Incense

I will usually give something two tries, and on the rare occasion, three, to see if something is worth it or not. For my Pokemon Go experience, I have tried the incense module five times now.  The first two times I did not know any better and I thought it was fun to kick back in my living room, around midnight, watching TV, and cranking up the PoGo incense.

There are tactical ways to use this feature... use it in regions where the Pokemon you want, hang out. If you go to a down-town area, get ready for a hoard of pigeons, monkeys and a case of the digital crabs.

The common recommendation is to use incense while walking. (It is a walking game, they say!)

But something caused me to take note of this added feature and I started paying close attention to a few things. And after a bit of scrutiny, I have now decided to say that I will...

Never Drop Another Poke Coin on Incense in Pokemon Go... Ever Again

Or at least that's how I'm going to go about this.  But why, do you ask, will I never drop hard-earned poke-coins on incense?

Glad you asked!


Over the last month I have tested out the incense module in Pokemon Go three different times and each time has sucked the life out of my ass, completely.

What I did was clear my poke history so I knew what the last monster was I got before the incense.  Then I set it off.

After three different experiments, one out in the middle of nowhere (To test this "get great Pokemon if you're far away from poke stops" theory, one just out and sitting, and one walking (because the popular suggestion is that more pocket monsters show up when you walk), I have come to the following observations.

After checking all my captured Pokemon on these three tests, almost all of them had horribly low estimated IV scores.

All of them had the lowest recommendation from my 'coach.'

I only see one monster every five minutes, standing still, out in nowhere or walking. At best. So that's six useless monsters per incense.

And in my last test, of my six Pokemon that showed up for my incense, two of them bolted in a puff of smoke after my first throw.

WTF Niantic? W.T.F.?


I totally wasted those 80 poke-coins on this piece of crap trick instead of saving for another incubator. And no, I did not drop cash on the game. I did that once at the beginning of the game. I bought an incubator and saw it was only good for three uses. Enough of that!!!  But I do earn coins from taking over gyms, then waiting the 21 hours to do it again. And again, and again....

Now if I ever get another incense via some magical bonus for upping a level, I'll walk again, but I won't do it near a downtown region.  (In fact I got more out of walking through my local downtown region than I did using the incense in the same area... it almost seemed like the incense warded off the local poke-population than help!)

But that's my take...  your user experience may differ. In fact, if you have had a different or better user experience, let us know in the comments!

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