AVENGERS ENDGAME Spoiler Free Review/Reaction

First I chat about when to go pee during the three hour movie, Avengers Endgame.
Then a quick movie review,
I mention the details about mid-credit scenes,
After that, a super quick look at Marvel's future plans and release dates.


Avengers Endgame wraps up the story of Marvel's major comic characters from 11 years of 22 movies (Called the Infinity Saga) and is pretty damn satisfying, and despite being three hours long, really only feels like two and it's well worth whatever you spend to go see it.

When Can I Go Pee During Endgame???

First, Avengers Endgame runs three hours long, NOT COUNTING the 20 minutes of trailers in front of it. And unlike our overseas brethren, here in the U.S., it does not have an intermission. But if you need to go during the film, without missing any huge plot points, there are scenes at the 30-minute and 60-minute marks where you won't miss much of the developing story plots, but once you're into the third hour, DO NOT leave.

There is no after or mid-credits scene in Avengers Endgame, so if you have to bolt after the final scene, it's OK to do it.


Avengers Endgame Movie Review

The cast and crew, you already know, as each character pretty much has and delivers critical parts to play out in the entire closing story-arc of this film. And knowing that some film contracts are coming to a close in this film, you sit on the edge of your seat, wondering and worrying.

The film starts out pulling no punches and just goes from there as Endgame successfully pulls the curtain down on the first three Marvel movie phases. You did not even have to have seen a single film before it to enjoy it, as it can easily stand alone as a fantastic movie experience.

As our remaining heroes from Infinity War tackle the task of trying to figure out how to reverse what the mad Titan, Thanos (Josh Brolin) did, they obviously break up into multiple story tales to tackle this task and it's heart-warming, fun and confusing at times to watch our heroes tackle the unimaginable.

But in so doing, yes, the more critical movie fan will have a tizzy screaming about plot point gaffs that can potentially make no sense, and at times, a movie that appears to be breaking its own rules. But the popcorn fan who just wants to sit and enjoy the amazing visual experience of this grand film, taking some things just for granted, well, it's a blast of a time.

The keen-eyed fan will catch the multitude of references and homages throughout, and then some.

Everyone did a wonderful job in their roles, but...

I was surprised by Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of Tony Stark, being that he delivered an amazing, heart-wrenching set of scenes that makes your jaw drop.

Chris Hemsworth is all that and then some (you'll see), while Chris Evans closes out his movie contract in an appropriate fashion for all to see.

I wish they did more with Jeremy Renner, but he is who he is and it's fun to see him once again.

As far as Easter eggs, references and what not, don't get too disappointed if most of the articles out there seem to be stretching it to define what an Easter egg is that seems to have nothing to do with Marvel, while others will nag you as you think, hey, isn't that... or what did they just say.


So where does this leave us? With the upcoming phase four of Marvel films. Here's the slate of upcoming Marvel release dates that have no names:

July 2, 2019: Spider-Man Far From Home
May 1, 2020
July 31, 2020
November 6, 2020
February 12, 2021
May 7, 2021
November 5, 2021
February 18, 2022
May 6, 2022
July 29, 2022

To fill those slots, only time will tell, but we have upcoming films for...

A potential Black Widow film (MAYBE),
Black Panther,
Doctor Strange,
The Eternals,
Guardians of the Galaxy,
Ms. Marvel,
Captain Marvel,
The Ant people, (Ant-Man, The Wasp),
Maybe Nova, or even a new Blade film.


In the end, Avengers Endgame is amazing and pays out the long Infinity Gem story arc wonderfully. Sure, if you dwell, you'll wonder about some points in the film, but so what. Grab the popcorn, sit back and totally enjoy this visually immersive final chapter of Marvel's Infinity Saga.

I give it a popcorn 9! IMDb users give it a 9.2/10 and Rotten Tomatoes, a 96% rating.

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