Kurt Sutter OUT of MAYANS MC, Fired

kurt sutter fired from FX

If you ever enjoyed the gritty nature of The Shield, totally enjoyed rooting for the bad guys in Sons of Anarchy, or the continued complexities of gang-life in Mayans MC, well, that's all Kurt Sutter.

For anyone who is a Mayans M.C. fan on FX, be prepared for it to be dumbed down compared to their first season.

Kurt Sutter (the creator of the show) was just fired this week from FX for abusive behavior, or so the complaints say. But he says he's confused by the allegations because he said he's not been on set long enough this season to have all these abuse complaints add up.

But per Kurt Sutter, he's been saying that ever since Disney bought out Fox, and hence, FX, he's had heavy scrutiny over his scripts with from-the-top notes and cuts to his creative edge on the show.

Sutter has gone on to say that they started to dumb-down his content with "inane PC restraints" put on him.

Sutter says he's been pushing back pretty hard, and hence, his firing was, what he considers, from having "ruffled a few mouse ears."

In the end, Sutter said that the forces behind his getting fired have "created a false narrative that could damage my reputation and career. I want them to understand the depth of that mistake."



My take-away from this is that I'm not surprised. Disney is known for their restrictive controls over their content, including their hired staff that covers staffing from the ground up, from crew to including the creative talent we see on screen.

I've seen multiple reports about restrictions on cast and such, and when Disney bought Fox, I had been thinking how will this impact franchises like Deadpool or even Alien or Predator. I did not even think about any of the gritty TV series, like, well, Mayans MC.

So Sutter's rough boy attitude was too over-the-top for the Disney corporate mindset.

But what I also took away from this was the bit about dumbing down his series. Which has me wondering how they think about their client-base of viewers, in that they dumb down their content to what? What level of intelligence?

Obviously they aim their content at a certain mindset or mentality that is more easily engaged, but not over-taxed with details or thinking. AKA, complex plots.

For me, Mayans MC had a few good underlying plots and a few orbiting plots, but it was all easy enough to follow, for me.

But Disney knows what they're doing. For them. It's how they make their billions, and so it goes.

I haven't watched the second season yet but I'm guessing that the Mayans will probably develop a more simplistic story line, easier to follow and it will probably develop a more PC feel, if it hasn't already. If it gets a third season, well, we'll see.

BTW, as an FYI, Sutter was the primary writer for The Shield, created and wrote Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C.. He also created The Bastard Executioner which aired on FX in 2015 and wrote the 2015 boxing drama Southpaw.

Mayans M.C. is presently in its second season, with only a few episodes left, when it airs Tuesdays on FX.


If Sutter is out, I'm probably out.

Now the game is afoot, to see who will rush in to grab up the writer of wonderful gritty story lines.


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