'The Bachelor' Terse Recap of Swiss Dates and Holey Cheese!

Here's another snarky take on this week's episode of The Bachelor looking for love in all the wrong places.  This week was the week of overnight I mean "Fantasy suite" dates with Nikki Sterling, Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson, where everyone gets to test drive the night away.  

Each date was the usual, and as it was the other week, with Courtney away from the women, she seemed more sedate and sweeter than normal.  (As if.)

During the episode, we got a lengthy preview of the upcoming season of The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard.  During the preview, it was more an ad for Titanic 3D as the girls, Emily, Ali and Ashley hit up the movie theater and, well, that and the pitch for the upcoming season and how Emily is taking a big risk doing this again.  And yet...  Look, I believed her the first time around and how sweet she seemed and all, but this show is for the egotistical minded.  So I'm seeing her in a different light this time around.

Back to the show, Kacie B can't stay away... to get some clarification and because she loves him, she warns him yet again about Courtney's behavior with the rest of the women.

Ben has a long chat with Chris Harrison...  He's confused but that's what happens to folks in his position.

first rose to Lindzi, and in the end, because Courtney tells him what he wants to hear, he sends Nicki packing.

I'm smacking my head, but then again, is this really a surprise?

Psst... want some inside info?  All I'm seeing is a strong suggestion to ignore the tabloid BS that's floating around out there.  BUT I thought the tabloids told the tooth, and nothing but the tooth!  As far as next week's "Women Tell All" episode, look for everyone to be on the attack... because Courtney shows up!

Alrighty, that's enough of this... on the next piece...