FX Swoops In On 'Act of Valor' and Other Movie Rights

Was that fast or what?  FX already plopped down bucks for the TV rights to Act of Valor, Safe House, and The Vow and  a few other movies out in theaters!  In fact, the list of movies that FX has nabbed also include Contraband, Chronicle, This Means War, Red Tails and Wanderlust.

The money that FX drops on securing TV rights to various movies is rediculous! (As in BIG $$)

When FX went after Avatars' rights, the estimate for TV rights is about 12% of a film's domestic gross, and usually there's a cap, so that's not an endless percentage, and the estimates then were $30 million for the rights to the Cameron flick.

Other reports in the past had FX paying an estimated $100M for the four Twilight movies.

And if your eyes are bugging out at these numbers, don't worry.  Advertisers spend, well, for the 2011/2012 TV season, advertisers dropped $10 billion on air time with the basic networks.  So as you can see, these meager millions aren't as frightful as they seem.  (Though when I see that advertisers spend billions to sell things to people, I wonder how our local schools can suffer and lose equipment, supplies and teachers?  But that's just me.)

[source:  THR: FX Nabs Movie Rights]