Hugh Laurie Corrects Some Journalists About His Opinion

As you may very well know, this IS the last season of Fox's House M.D..  All things said and done, at least fans will get the proper send-off and closure to the series...  though admittedly, I can't seem to imagine how they're going to end this series.

Will Dr. House be happy when all is said and done?  I can't imagine that.  Besides, they tried that already.

But to the point at hand, apparently some media outlet reported that Hugh Laurie wanted to end House because he was tired of it.

Hugh Laurie stepped up to correct that slight misnomer... pointing out that it was a huge misquote by journalists that don't work that hard, and use catch phrases to pretend what they're saying is the truth.

In other words, Hugh Laurie was channeling his character!

In his words,


"For anyone who's interested, I'd like to correct some naughty misrepresentations of the circumstances surrounding the end of the TV show House. 

Some newspapers, obviously dissatisfied by the sincere statement of fact and feeling that we released last week, have said that "the truth" — modern journalistic slang for "not even remotely the truth but it sounds creepy so I'll go with it" — behind the decision was that I was sick of going to work. The "evidence" (another technical term) for this was a remark I made five years ago about another subject, bent into an entirely different shape.


In the words of House himself: everybody lies."

You can see the sadly necessary full content of his statement over at TV Guide.