San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Registration: You Need to Start Planning Yesterday!

If you've been to the San Diego Comic-Con International event in years past, then I presume you have received your emails chronicling the new process involving creating a new ticket-purchasing account and then how to deal with the process of buying tickets when the time comes to do such.


If you are someone who has never been to Comic-Con, but you have been considering the idea of attending, you need to know some things.

The Comic-Con attendee registration is necessary, but it closes on February 28th.  You can go to the Comic-Con Attendee Registration page NOW.

Then, your new ID will be your login info for subsequent interactions with the website.

With that all said, I then received an email today from the Comic-Con International org with some info about the ticketing process for registered users.  It has this to say...


Because of limited space at the San Diego Convention Center, we are required to limit attendance and do not have enough badges for everyone who would like to attend the show. Unfortunately, the high demand and limited availability can make buying a badge challenging and time-consuming. Although we are working hard on our registration system to make buying your badge a better experience, we want you to know what to expect during badge sales and have provided you with a very detailed document “Comic-Con 2012 Helpful Hints and Tips for Online Badge Registration” available for download now at

Reading this downloadable PDF may help you complete your badge purchase more efficiently and could give you an advantage over people who do not choose to read it. 

If you have already purchased a badge for Comic-Con 2012, ... please disregard this e-mail notice. You are receiving this courtesy notice because you have signed up for a Comic-Con Member ID.

Thank you,

Attendee Registration
Comic-Con International

And for thoroughness sake, this is a link to the Comic-Con registration page, where you can see the attendee prices and other such goodies.