Where Did 'CSI: NY' Go? Is It Cancelled or What?

Before I say another word, I will advise all CSI: NY fans to calm thyselves!  All is well.  Some folks were starting to wonder what happened to CSI: NY since it didn't air in its usual time slot recently and fans started to panic!  Yet.

CSI: NY is on a break until it returns to the air on March 30th!


Over the years, ratings would seem to be on the decline and it looks like in general, folks are starting to get weary of the New York based TV show.  (Yes, even despite some of you, the hard-core fans, loving it still, the general viewing crowd is thinning out and going other places.)

In January, Nina Tassler, the entertainment president for CBS, made note in a Deadline TV article from the TCA executive panel, when it was touched on that CSI is in its twelfth season, she said that she'd love to see the CSI franchise continue forever, but that one must respect the audience, cast and be sensitive to how one would wrap up any series.  (Eh?)  And that was prefaced with "Nothing runs forever."

Did that just sound like some light at the end of some tunnel to you guys?

She did end her chat about CSI by noting that they are now in the talking stages as they address how to end the CSI shows.

That sounds ominous.  But I'm not sure how pressing.

You have to keep something in mind, and that is that networks are beholden to who pulls their purse strings.  That would be the advertisers willing to spend their money on ads, during TV shows.  That money, (which accounted for $10 billion this season to the basic networks), is reactive to the Nielsen ratings which tells the ad execs who is watching what.

As actor pay goes up and advertiser funding slips, the likelihood of a show continuing gets bleak!

The sad part is that as fans get comfortable with a show, they sometimes move on to watch other new TV shows, and catch their favorite show on VoD at a later date.  But time-shifted viewing doesn't hold as much weight with advertisers as live TV ratings go!

As CSI has three shows running, which also dilutes the viewership...  I was just peeking at the Nielsen top-10 TV shows for the week of January 16th, and the non sports programs listed were

American Idol; The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Person of Interest, NCIS and Criminal Minds.

But then in a later reporting period, for the week of January 23rd, CSI was 4th on the chart, beating Criminal Minds and NCIS.


There goes that word again... in the latest set of weekly TV ratings that TV By The Numbers provides, the only CSI on the chart of top-25, was CSI itself, and it was 25th.  (Oh cripes, Hawaii Five-0 was 24th!)  This was the sub-category of 18-49 aged viewers, the demographic that spends money when they're brain washed by the advertisers.

For total viewership, CSI was thirteenth with 11M viewers, CSI: Miami was twenty-second on the list, with 10M viewers.  Hmm... Hawaii Five-0 was twenty-fifth, with almost 10M viewers.

On the sad note, in TVbTN's booking of shows that might be getting cancelled, they do list CSI:NY as their guess, to be "more than likely to be cancelled."  Which confounds me... as the show pulled in 10M viewers when it aired on Feb 10th.  So things can change, and folks, you have to convince buddies to tune in.  You never know which one is a Nielsen family!

So back to the original question, which is, CSI: NY will return (scheduled to) on March 30th, 2012.