He Said, She Said: Rumors Say Emily Maynard Cheated

Here we go... The Bachelorette and Bachelor always drums up some interesting noise during or after each season.  In this case, the rumors, started by US Magazine reporting, say that Emily Maynard cheated on the guy she ended up picking at the end of her season, Jef Holm.

US says that Jef found steamy text messages and photos on her phone.  Then of course the crazy rumors or not, started flying about fights, pretending to not be fighting and what not.

There's a lot of noise about these cheating allegations out there.

US's source is supposedly Jef's brother, Mike, verifying the info.  And other sources say the other guy is Oakland Raiders QB Matt Leinart!


Upon first impression, Emily Maynard comes off as a very sweet, wide-eyed young lady whose tragic past with losing the love of her life and her child's father, can suck fans in pretty easily.  The first season I saw her on The Bachelor, I really thought she was the sweetie of the pack.

Then she returned for a second season of the ABC reality TV series.

Then it dawned on me... to be up for something like this kind of TV show, where cameras follow your every move and hover over you while you have intimate moments with dozens of men is not for the feint of heart.  Rather, most folk on reality TV shows are rather brazen, bold or ego driven.

I'm not saying I think she is... but I'm not ruling that out.  Nor can I think that this "sweet Southern Belle" did or didn't cheat.

Now this is static from the cinema of the small screen!!!


All the classic and expected denials are flying.  As with all things, in time, the truth will be told!