Syfy's Face Off 2012 Season 3: The First Episode Was Impressive

I finally got around to watching the Face Off season premiere on Syfy as it returns for a third season.  It's going to be a good one, that's for sure.

The first challenge came out of the contestants intro roof-top party, where they met Sean Astin, the celebrity judge of the moment.  Once everyone was there, their first challenge was to create a head look using anything from the patio to make their prosthetic head.

Over half the contestants have incredible resume images as they were introduced and these folks challenge work were also pretty incredible.

Eric won this "Spotlight Challenge" and immunity.


The first real challenge is the Star Wars Challenge... create a character that would fit into the cantina scene.

Joe and Tommy is the train-wreck of the teams because Joe is one off-centered character who won't let Tommy get his ideas out.  Tommy finally just gave up and chose to do whatever Joe asks for, no matter what.  Joe is very easy to NOT like.

Laura and Sara's work was highly complimented.

Derek and CC's work were criticized for their coloring (too red) and baked in facial expression.

Roy and Rod concept & work was complimented.  (Rod is incredibly nice.  He complimented his partner and earlier, was helping others during the contest build time.)

Tommy and Joe ... Tommy tried to defend his weak position in the team and opened his mouth before the judges even spoke.  That didn't go well.  They "spat up" again during the critique.

Joe blew out of there before being judged.  By doing this, he became DQ'd and no one went home.

The best team was Rod and Roy, rewarding the amount of creativity.  Between the two of them, they chose Rod as THE winner of the night and their concept will be recreated on the Star Wars website.

Now I have to play catch up since I'm behind a bit on episodes.