Is 'CSI: NY' Going Away?

CSI: NY will be having an early end to it's 9th TV season this month.  They'll also be enjoying a cross-over event with CSI.  But with ratings being consistently low, and production costs too high compared to the ratings, those first two bullets I just mentioned just slid from statements to warning signs. 

Early season closures are never good and cross-overs are usually to help a show generate attention with the show they've just mingled with.  The hopes are to get viewers from the bigger show to take a gander at this other show.


Word on the street is that there's a very good possibility that this 9th season finale of CSI: NY will end up being a series finale.

And while CSI: NY will be joining CSI: Miami in the scrap heap, the original show keeps going like gang-busters in their time-slot in the all important TV viewing demographic of the 'adults 18-49' Nielsen categories.  (Those are the folks who spend more money than any other graphic, and why you see it quoted so often in TV ratings news.)


I remember when Miami was pulled... the situation was the same.  Ratings were iffy and costs too high.  The production company gave star David Caruso a chance to take a cut in pay, and that would have kept the show going.  But he chose the route of sticking to his guns and the show bowed out.  (I'm not sure why or if this opportunity wasn't presented to anyone else in the cast or crew, or if Caruso just made THAT MUCH money per episode.)

So cherish these final season 9 moments of CSI: NY gang.  They might the shows' last.