NBC's 'The Blacklist' - A Review of An Intensely Good Show

 I had a few options of what to watch Monday night at 10pm, and I went with The Blacklist.

And guessing that almost 13 million other viewers did the same, The Blacklist dominated the other competition at 10.  (Castle (10M); Hostages (7.5M) viewers)

The Blacklist on NBC, a review

Alas, James Spader delivers something he's been training his entire acting career for... the role of Raymond Reddington.  Also in the cast is Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keene, a fresh out of acadamy profiler.

The episode opens with Red (Spader) turning himself in, but once incarcerated, says he will only speak to Elizabeth Keen.  And no one can figure out why.

But she seems ready for the job and steps up bravely.

Early on Red lets the Feds know he knows of a terrorist coming into the country with plans to kidnap an important person and set off a bomb.

Do the Feds believe him or blow him off?


The Blacklist on NBC, a review

Well, that's for you to find out if you're a "time-shifted" viewer.  But if you've seen the pilor episode of The Blacklist, you already know the answer to that question.

This show makes me think Hannibal meets The Following... but just as good, if not, maybe, better.

Red, obviously much smarter than most, has the Feds jumping through hoops and he has all kinds of ulterior motives, some of which we are privy to and some we can only guess at.

Spader and Boone pull off their characters wonderfully, and the episode kept me frozen on the couch, in anticipation.

If you missed it, check it out and see if you might not think the same thing.

Oh, and like the promo suggests, Red DID pick her for a reason.  You'll see in the first episode why, though I would have preferred to be kept hanging for another ep or two more.

Plus, I'm suspecting, this might be just a tiny tease of a flavor that Spader can deliver when he portrays Ultron in The Avengers: Days of Ultron!

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