BAD TEACHER and 1 More Gone

Bad Teacher and Friends with Better Lives dropped
In case you're wondering, yes, Bad Teacher and Friends with Better Lives were getting horrible TV ratings and were slated to be cancelled/not renewed.  And in light of that, CBS is pulling both shows from their schedule, with no word on if they will even try to air the remaining episodes of either show.

The Bad Teacher promos seemed, well, bad.  It seemed to be a sitcom version of the movie itself and didn't seem to offer anything else beyond what was already provided by the fine movie it was based off of.

Hope you weren't a big fan of either.

Keep in mind, other cancelled TV shows drop kicked by CBS included Intelligence, Hostages and The Crazy Ones.

I liked Intelligence, but was worried that the plots were a little basal.  Hostages... just how far can a kidnapping plot go?

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