Syfy Channel Summer 2014 Programming Schedule

Syfy Channel Summer 2014 Programming Schedule

{info via Syfy press release}

Summer is coming fast and Syfy has prepared itself with a slate of entertaining and interesting programming.

We have a little bit of everything to sample from the ever-growing network, from new shows like Dominion and Wizard Wars, to returning series like Defiance and Face Off.  Then there's a few questionable programming ventures in the list too.

ALSO, don't forget the network's annual Twilight Zone marathon that is taking place on July 4th, from 8am to 8pm!  Sure, it's not quite what it used to be, but hey, it is what it is! 


Defiance returns for its second season on June 19th. The cast includes Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran, Jaime Murray, Graham Greene and Jesse Rath.


On the same night (June 19th) Dominion will premiere its pilot episode.  It's based on characters and themes from the 2010 supernatural movie, Legion and takes place in the year 25 A.E..  (OK, I thought Legion was a fun flick.)

Basically, it sounds like CW's Supernatural, where an army of lower angels has waged a war of possession against mankind and the archangel Michael has chosen to side with and protect the humans.

The cast includes Christopher Egan (Kings), Tom Wisdom (300), Roxanne McKee (Game of Thrones), Alan Dale (Lost), Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Luke Allen-Gale (The Borgias).



Face Off returns for its seventh season on July 22nd.

As always each week presents the possibility of going home if a contestant has a bad week. 

Season 7 will have a new judge, Lois Burwell.  Lois is an Academy-Award winning makeup artist known for her work on Lincoln, Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, War Horse and War of the Worlds.

McKenzie Westmore hosts plus other judges include multi-Academy-Award winner Ve Neill (The Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean), Glenn Hetrick (CSI: New York, Heroes, Legion), and Neville Page (Avatar, Prometheus).

Michael Westmore (Star Trek) serves as the contestant mentor. Yes, McKenzie's father.



A reality competition series called Wizard Wars premieres on August 19th.

Each week magicians are tested to create illusions and apparent miracles.  Then the winner of the week challenges the house team of two-time World Championship of Magic winner Gregory Wilson, Wynn Resort resident magician Shimshi; YouTube sensation Justin Flom, and internationally renowned Mentalist Angela Funovits.

Judges include Penn & Teller, Jason Latimer and Christen Gerhart.


Syfy is calling this a "DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE," and it sounds more like a TLC, DSC or what not show.  It premieres on July 20th which marks the 45th anniversary of humanity’s first landing on the Moon.

This two-hour documentary special goes beyond the “official” story to examine what really might’ve happened on that historic day.  What did the astronauts encounter on the lunar surface?  And what doesn’t the world’s governments want us to know?

(BS: Seriously?  Have they not watched Transformers Revenge of the Fallen? Or maybe they got their idea from that fiction.  I can't believe Syfy is starting to go this route.  Oh, wait...  there's their wrestling programming.  Never mind.  Well, this should keep the conspiracy fanatics happy for a while longer.)


While we're at it, let's not forget about Syfy's "Shark" week of programming. Yes, like the Discovery Channel, but more fictionally inclined...

The week will include the July 30 debut of Sharknado 2: The Second One, Syfy's Sharknado Week will run from July 26 to Aug. 2 and they're calling it the "greatest moments in shark film history."

During this fantastic week of shark stuff, we'll be shown

Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark (July 26 at 9 p.m.),

Sharkmania: The Top 15 Biggest Baddest Bloodiest Bites (July 27 at 9 p.m.),

Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda (Aug. 2 at 9 p.m.).

And don't worry, Discovery's Shark week premieres on Aug. 10th.

And yes, sigh, there's a third Sharknado movie already in development.  I presume we'll have to see how the second movie fares though.

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(Uh ho. The press release called The Twilight Zone marathon an annual event.  But looking back through my anchor link, I see they have had two "annual events" for the series... one in mid-year and one at year's end.  Or at least that's what they've been doing.  I think they need to redefine their term annual. -Bruce)

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