FOX Embargoes FANTASTIC FOUR Reviews

Fox sets restrictive review embargoes on FANTASTIC FOUR

Nothing is more of a warning to fans, than when a movie studio forces an embargo on movie reviews almost right up to the day of the film's release.

And that is exactly what Fox is doing with reviews for Fantastic Four. Come on, how bad is it? I guess we'll find out when the reviews come out.

Word on the street is that review embargoes lift at 4pm PACIFIC time, the day before the movie comes out in theaters while print trade publications left the DAY OF release.


It's bad enough that director Josh Trank was reportedly so tough to work with, that he got himself fired from a future Star Wars gig with Disney. And to be honest, that has to be tough to do!

And that rumors said that production staff surrounding Trank had to step up to finish the film.

Now we're seeing this restriction on reviews so close to when the movie screen in theaters, that it just sounds bad all around.

For me, my experience has been when reviews are restricted like this, that's because the movie sucks. Otherwise, why block reviews. Instead, it seems Fox has no faith in their finished product. And if that's the case, then this is yet one more time that Fox has screwed up one of Marvel's longest running, corner stone franchise titles.

For me, this is possibly warning enough to not go see Fantastic Four... unless this is just some stupid-ass marketing scheme. Either way, as far as I'm concerned, not a cool move. I can wait until it lands on FX, with all the other movies these days.

The movie comes out in theaters on August 7th.

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