Trailer Announcements, Previews and Stupid Updates for Deadpool, The Blacklist and Fantastic Four

Apparently we're getting TWO trailers for Deadpool next week, I've got some The Blacklist news and a stupid ass bit about casting in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

More Deadlpool trailers coming


For those of you interested in the sarcastic-ass of a hero, supposedly two trailers are coming out next week. Probably one serious, one snarky.

The leaked SDCC trailer floating around out there (I don't post leaked crap) did absolutely nothing for me as far as generating interest in the Deadpool movie.

Remember how snarky Ryan Reynolds was in Green Lantern? If you thought that was over-the-top, the teaser clip from SDCC made his GL persona look like a somber funeral home director.

It was way too over-the-top, predictable and forced snark. At least that's what I got from the 30 or 60 seconds of clip I watched. Now maybe this translated in the comics, because we can put our own imagined voice to a character, but it's a fine line of a balancing act when it comes to casting and delivery.

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The Blacklist casting news

The Blacklist

Admittedly, as far as basic networks go, The Blacklist is probably one of my favorite shows. It's got a snarky and smart good/bad guy in Reddington, played so marvelously by James Spader, and one victim of an FBI agent in the guise of agent Keene, played by Megan Boone. BTW, Boone grows on you and does a great job in her role. (I say victim because Red just plays the FBI like his own personal flute.)

The upcoming season of The Blacklist will see a new bad guy giving our tensely friendly couple a run for their money, while they are literally, on the run themselves. (Remember what happened at the end of last season?)

Mr. Solomon will make his presence known and will not be very friendly to anyone Liz or Red may know. Mr. Solomon will be played by Edi Gathegi (Twilight, Justified).

The Blacklist returns for its season premiere on Sept 24th on NBC.

[ TV Guide ]

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Fantastic Four

Despite the danger signs about this upcoming Marvel flick, the Fantastic Four reboot and how the studio is restricting all reviews being published until the day of, Stan Lee is tackling some other noise about the film.

For some reason Lee is finding himself defending the casting decision to put Michael B. Jordan in the role of Johnny Storm.

Seriously! People are getting their panties in a bullshit bunch because a black man was cast in a role that was white while in comic print.

Give me a break. In fact this wasn't even on my radar until I saw the title to his peeve online. Give me a f*ing break people. You are making a very disappointing show of yourselves when you bitch about the color of an actor.

This isn't the first time I've seen this racist reaction to casting. I remember when Marvel cast Idris Elba as Heimdall in Thor (2011), and a contingent of "fans" went all KKK berserk about that casting.

[ CBR ]

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