CASTLE Season 8 Premiere Review (Another Vendetta?)

CASTLE season premiere review

The eighth season premiere of Castle hit the TV waves (or cables). Beckett is now the Captain, and Castle gives her a beautiful bracelet to celebrate her first day as captain and she tells Castle she's headed off for a meeting. But she wasn't.

Castles daughter, Alexis, has somehow managed to take over the private investigations office of Castle's, and is doing a great job with it.

While Javier and Kevin are at it again. Or is that, still? Either way, their routines never get old and they are the backbone of the show sometimes. These guys could use a spinoff, but then again, cool things in shows don't always do well on their own. They get old, so maybe they're perfect where they are.

But I digress.

So as we get a few minutes into the episode, Castle is called to a crime scene, then spots Beckett's new bracelet in a pool of blood.And the mysteries circling Beckett start all over again.

Yep, the producers have started out season eight with yet one more story where Beckett is the focus of yet another mysterious story where she goes missing while doing something none of us know about.

The season premiere was the first hour of a two-hour story, with part two airing next week. But seriously? I like Castle and have been watching it for all the seasons. But to start out a new season with an old theme, well, it better pan out to be something new instead of another Beckett vendetta.

We'll see. Right?


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