CSI Series Finale - The Old Gang Is Back This One Last Time

CSI Series Finale review

The series finale of CSI started and ended the 16th season that the series aired. After 114 award nominations and 63 award wins, this run has come to a close with a single, two-hour TV-movie.

Despite the chance to make it extra special, the opening musical montage only showed the recent season cast. I thought producers could have taken a bit of extra effort and included the appearing alumni cast, but they chose not to.

In this series finale, a suicide bomber blows up a casino. The casino is owned by Catherine Willows (Now an FBI agent) and clues lead to the involvement of Lady Heather, so the team calls in Gil Grissom. (Because file notes just can't cut it I guess) Plus, Willows wants in on the action, despite rules and regulations. (Which don't make for good drama.)

After the first half hour or so we've now seen Jim Brass (who works for Willows), Catherine and Gil. Obviously missing from this episode are Nick (George Eads), and Julie (Elisabeth Shue), for whatever reason. (In the episode we are privy to a super quick glance of a plaque with 'Jules' name on it wity a set of dates. It is presumed from inference that she died. But other sources say that these two did not want to be a part of this finale. (And to be honest, with all the exits and returns of cast, I have to wonder just what was going in behind-the-scenes!)

With Grissom finally involved in the investigation, we get a sort of "jumped the shark" kind of joke from Grissom as he initially finds himself getting arrested for being on a shark poachers boat.

The case leads to more bombings, the story has the usual sets of conundrums where cops who should not be involved, are allowed to investigate, cops who aren't bomb squad members find themselves disarming bombs and our heroes taking the brave leap of standing in front of harms way, despite the odds.

All in all, it was great swan song ending as the crime is solved and then we spend another 10 to 15 minutes polishing off some last-minute series closing details for the various characters.

It was a good CSI episode, but I've seen so much better. But this was it. The end of a very long era that was the starting point for the other CSI shows that branched out. Speaking of which, Ted Danson will be continuing his role of D.B. Russell over on CSI Cyber.  Hmm, sooner or later, I need to catch up on all my episodes of that show, but I have yet to be pulled in to go watch them. But sooner or later I will.

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