DEFIANCE Season or Series Finale?

Did DEFIANCE just end on Syfy?

Did you catch the last or latest episode of Defiance last week? It ended in such a way that no matter what happens, we've been given full closure while the producers are ready to continue the story of they get renewed.

IF they get renewed.

Syfy has a track record of not saying things to some folks and letting them find out when new season line ups are announced, whether they've been cancelled or not. They leave fans hanging until the last minute, so to speak, about the fates of the shows or if they are renewed, when they're coming back.

I for one am not fond of their marketing practices, but we don't have much choice in the matter.

Below are some spoilers for the disappointing season and possibly series finale of Defiance.


The problem was that it seemed like this: They were in mid-stride writing the story when someone came bursting into the writers room screaming "We don't know if we're getting renewed!" at the room.  Then, instead of backtracking and rewriting whatever they were working on, they just up and changed directions in their stories and proceeded from there.

The episode reminded me of "Calvin Ball" from Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin would make up the rules of the game as they played. So too, did I feel things were managed into a happy ending.

Suddenly the Purple People Eaters (The Omec) that came on the scene this season and seemed impossible to thwart were suddenly easy to kill. Suddenly Kindzi let herself get killed and tossed over a ledge by the weaker human and into some engine turbines. (Awesome end for that raging purple bitch).

But then along the way out of the blue Alak and Irasa have eyes for each other.

Doc intended to sacrifice herself to help destroy the nest Omec ship in orbit.

And all character stories are wrapped up with a jump to the near future.


When this season started and they started killing off primary characters, I thought "wow!," they're taking notes from HBO's Game of Thrones. They introduced one hell of a new bad guy with that general dude, but looking back, it seemed that rather than capitalize on his pursuit of smiting all humanity, Datak sacrifices his arm to blow the guy up.

Looking back, I'm thinking this was yet one more story line to help finish the series, but doing so in a rather traumatic fashion.

When Irisa snapped and decides to save the human killing purple people eaters, it almost made sense considering what she went through last season. But then Nolan stops her in her tracks and gets her transported to the planet surface.

And rather than going through with the self destruct of the Omec ship, for whatever out-of-the-blue reason, takes the ship on a deep space journey.

And so forth and so on.

This last episode seemed to get itself wrapped up prematurely. Too many things fell into place and obeyed the law of finales. But so be it. As far as show-enders go, it still has a long way to go to catch up to the horrible ending of Moore's pulled-out-of-ass series finale of Battlestar Galactica.

On the bright side, at least they did give us an ending that if for some crazy chance, the show comes back, could give us more story. We could follow Nolan in deep space or the rest of the characters planet-side, though to be honest, they do tend to hate each other.


Grant Bowler (Nolan) presently has a film in post-production called 400 Days.

Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa) has two films films in post-production, Meet Pursuit Delange: The Movie and Tomorrow.

Julie Benz has two projects in post-production and has joined the cast of Hawaii Five-0.

Dewshane Williams is in Unless, which is under production

The actress I am most interested in following is Trenna Keating, who played Doc Yewll. She reportedly landed the part via being a reader of scripts for auditions (Casting assistant), playing parts opposite actors who were auditioning for roles, and something she did caught the producers eyes, but she has had parts in 16 previous projects, so this wasn't a huge stretch for her. I'd love to see her in more projects.

And that, is that folks! I think we've seen the last of Defiance. Syfy has some fantastic content coming our way and I am anticipating that they need to make room for it.


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