GRACELAND Season Finale - An Intense Reflection

GRACELAND Season Finale review

If you watch Graceland and you've seen the season finale, then like me, I bet you are going "wow, what the hell just happened?" to yourself.

This was a tough season for everyone involved, with Mike's addiction, Catherine's pregnancy, Paige's multiple issues... I mean it was crazy how much heavy developments went down in this third season.

But the mayhem that followed Briggs and all his shenanigans kept you on the fence, wondering what the hell is he up to? He's a serious player that you can't trust, but he definitely plays his angles in a sharp and vicious fashion, no matter what happened to whom.

But as the season finale wound down, Briggs ends up executing a drug dealer, and Briggs got Dale to collect a chunk of money from a sting operation, and as the big case was winding down, Mike threw a wrench in the process by not agreeing to sign off on a crime report, on the basis of not wanting to perjure himself.

But by his doing this, puts everyone on the team at risk and everyone needing to lawyer up. What really came down to it was that everyone on the team has done something dark and/or illegal to get the job done.

Dale let everyone know about the money he got Briggs, which was the straw that broke the camel's back, and the team was on each other's nerves.

Everyone lay exposed to each other, while Mike maneuvered the situation with the report to his advantage, getting some things that he wanted from his bosses in Washington.  Apparently he's learned well from Briggs, but just without the bloodshed that Briggs leaves in his wake.

Like they've said, the residents all operate by the house’s unofficial motto: “When you work for the bureau, your lies are your life.”


Graceland Renewed?

It was an intense season finale that could or could not be construed as a series finale. IT was left in a great spot, just in case, because at this point in time, USA has not made any announcements about renewing the show or not.

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