Kit Harington Returns to GAME OF THRONES!

Kit Harington returning to Game of Thrones

Well, an article out on the web is getting some traction with Game of Thrones fans and their imaginations. It seems that Kit Harington will be returning to the sets of HBO's Game of Thrones.

Now we all knew that he was already spotted headed to the production sets a few months ago, but now in an interview Kit has gone on to say that he's had to pass on some movie roles due to his commitment to GoT.

While trying to be coy about it, he indicated that he's under contract with the show into his thirties.

He turns 29 in December of this year, so you can do the interpretation on how long he's contracted under Game of Thrones.

So what does this mean?

Many are assuming that this means that Jon Snow lives. But I wonder. This show has messed with our minds before. In the past we've seen deaths of beloved characters. And now we've seen that happen again with Snow. But now we have all this online conjecture and fans kept in a frenzy about the fate of Snow.

Did he really die in the finale last season? Did his eyes turn purple? Did he become something else, staying alive. Or did the 'red queen' save him for whatever reason? Or if he's the brother of the dragon queen, and she lived through being burned alive, maybe he doesn't die by sword?

Well, no matter what the answer, this situation has kept the show alive in our imaginations and I'm betting this will help ratings numbers for the show when it returns next season.

source: harpers bazaar & thanks to Donna for letting me know about this! I love when site fans pitch in and help out.

But what do you think this means? What capacity is Kit coming back in?
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