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I have to say, one of my favorite or guilty pleasures in life includes the Jeepers Creepers movie franchise. The story telling is adequate, the action is enticing, though somewhat predictable, but they have one bad ass bad guy that can't seem to be beat. He's creepy, powerful and nearly unstoppable.

The first Jeepers Creepers (2001) movie set the tone for what the monster is all about. (I won't spoil that for you.) It starred Justin Long and Gina Philips as wayward siblings on a road trip in a piece of S*! car, while encountering what seemed like a road rage driving maniac driving a molester's old van.

And then it turns horrible from there.

It was written and directed by Victor Salva, whose resume includes other projects like Powder (1995) and...  um, well, OK. So this is his baby.


He also wrote and directed the sequel, Jeepers Creepers II. Ray Wise and Luke Edwards starred in this flick, while a busload of pretty and good looking teenagers becomes the creature's latest victims.

Two things made this sequel stand out. First, the sequel did not tread on old territory and made it just as or more interesting than the first. Second, events in the sequel took place mere days after the first film.


With the first two films of the franchise netting $120M worldwide, well, it's time was saw some more fun.  Victor is now back with what looks like a third film of the franchise that hs is developing at this time.

The film summary on IMDb says "A successful mother teams up with witnesses to a murdering spree by a winged flesh-eating monster in hopes to end his disastrous killings once in for all. "

In other articles on the web, it's beeing said that this third film was announced at the Toronto International Film Festival, with Brandon Smith returning to his rold of Sgt Davis Tubbs, whom we first saw in the original film.

In this third film, events will be taking place at the back-end of the monsters 23-day feeding cycle, we'll be seeing the Creeper's truck again (Nice!), and we'll get some good origin content such as what is this thing, where is it from and why does it need to feed and use other people's body parts for its own.

If old reports/rumors still hold sway with the production, we'll get some info about how the monster was a part of Native American folklore.

Production will kick in gear during the early part of 2015.

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