Every now and then I see the Rocky Horror Picture Show on TV on some capacity, and when I do, it brings back memories and questions. The memories are great and the questions, are more observations, but still.


I remember the first time I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was in high school and some friends of mine dragged my ass with them to the midnight showing of this flick.  It was around 1980 and the movie came out in 1975, but it had already achieved its cult status to the degree of having weekly midnight screenings at a multitude of theaters.

But my first reaction to this movie that I could not hear because everyone was yelling and screaming through, was, WTF? But it's not about seeing it as it is more about participating in the fun of yelling at the screen.

And yet if you look over the cast list of this fantastic literary film piece, it is quite interesting.


We have Tim Curry, who went on to be a part of 81 films, with Rocky Horror being his first film. He's been a part of 133 different television project titles, including voice work for Star Wars The Clone Wars, Young Justice and some animated Transformers series.

Susan Sarandon has been a part of 103 movies and a few (44) TV series;

Then there was Barry Bostwick, Richard O'Brien, Meat Loaf, Peter Hinwood (Rocky himself), Patricia Quinn and a slew of others that weren't quite as fortunate to further their careers as these others.

And somehow this film became quite the cult classic that screens at midnight around the country while fans make fun of various facets of the film, out-loud, from the movie seats.


And now...  now Fox wants to remake this classic cult film into two-hour TV movie. It will be developed by High School Musical's Kenneth Ortega.

Latest news says that Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black) will be playing Curry's old character, Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

There's no firm air date set yet except that it is coming in 2016. 

I've seen a few renditions or attempts to screen the original with new twists, but to no avail in the TV ratings world. The 1975 original has a certain draw, in a fun, theater-style environment where people go to have this particular fun. Otherwise, I don't think the attempt will really be worth their while.

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Originally posted 10-27-15

UPDATE: When I wrote this, I did not realize what has happened to Tim Curry... but it would seem that Tim Curry has suffered a stroke back in 2012 and I did not realize that. As of now, I saw him in a TV special about The Rocky Horror Picture Show reunion and he was there in a wheel chair, looking quite ill. I'm so sorry for him and his family.

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