'Supergirl' Series Premiere TV Ratings Bust Out

'Supergirl' Series Premiere TV Ratings

Well, despite the presentation of the girly-girl super-powered hero, folks tuned in to the series premiere of 'Supergirl' in droves.

The premiere pulled in 14 million viewers, and netted a 3.2 rating in the all-important money spending demographic of 'adults 18-49.'

To compare, NBC's 'Blindspot' had netted a 3.1 rating.

'Supergirl' ratings put it as the best rated series this season, period.

Now industry and entertainment resources might deliver freak-out reports in the following weeks about the ratings dropping.  The fact that ratings drop is not abnormal for any show or any season premiere. It's just a matter of how much. Most of the time folks will tune in for premieres and finales and fade out for the commitment in the middle of a season. There's lots to do in life.

(TV Ratings explained)

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