Syfy's KRYPTON Takes Place 200 Years Before Superman

First up is that Syfy will be possibly airing or at least considering a TV series, a prequel of sorts called Krypton. Which is all good and cool. We'll get to see how things were on the planet before the people on it blew it up.

But the latest news on the street, if correct, is saying that the series is going to take place 200 years prior to events in the movie Man of Steel. Which is akin to saying that we're going to watch a TV show about some strange planet in a galaxy far, far away, and there will be no one we care about in it.

According to creator David Goyer (Constantine, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight films, Flashforward, Blade film franchise) he was excited about the culture that was teased in Man of Steel and will be developing this historical look at the home-world of Kal-El.

At the moment Syfy has not started casting nor shooting a pilot episode. And to be honest, I'm not sure I care. And I'm thinking as Goyer speaks and people react, he may have just nailed the coffin shut on this one.

Why, with my busy schedule, would I want to watch something that has almost nothing to do with Kal-El, except that we might be watching his grandfather or great-grandfather living their doomed lives on the planet.

Just wondering, that's all.


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