THE WALKING DEAD 'Thank You' And Who Is Really Dead (A Short and Sweet Post)

THE WALKING DEAD 'Thank You' And Who Is Really Dead

If you saw this latest episode of The Walking Dead, you are having a fit, just like many people are. And if you have yet to see the episode, drop everything you are doing and go watch it. Call in sick, put off that vacation by just an hour and go watch it and you will understand what I mean.

From this point forward, there WILL BE HUGE SPOILERS

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Have you noticed yet that the first three episodes of season six have taken place in almost the same time frame, so we've passed three weeks of TV in one or two days of story? And we don't care because it's pretty riveting.

I have to say, this episode takes place at the same time that the Wolves attacked the town, so this parallel action is pretty fun to watch, since you know what's happening just on the other side of the "tree line," yet so much has happened in this last episode that even I am writing about it.

This plan of Rick's to relocate the thousands of walkers they found has been unraveling from the moment the semi-truck fell off that ledge in that gravel pit. Sure, they were rushed, but one thing after the other kept going wrong.

It started out just great at first but then the wolves attacked Alexandria at the same time, and when the truck slams into the church tower and sets off that damn truck horn, that's when it all broke down for everyone.

The Walking Dead's Carol went all "Assassin's Creed" on the Wolves

Despite the break down, we did find a new Assassin's Creed character in Carol when she had to mask up and kick some Wolve's ass. (This meme came from Facebook)

When Rick said in the opening of this episode that "the weak will drag you down," I did not realize that would be a spoiler comment.

But we've lost several people to this relocation plan of Rick's.

Rick found himself in an RV, getting attacked by the same Wolves that Morgan let live back in town from last episode.  He's also apparently got zombie blood in an open wound and I do not know what that means. (I haven't read the comics, but it means something to those who have.)

Michonne and gang lost most of their straggling group to wandering hordes of walkers.

And then there's Glenn and Nicholas.

I don't know what the heck was going on with Nicholas, but he was losing it throughout this entire episode. WTF!!!??? (I know Glenn is the only character in the group that has not killed a human, but dude, you should have offed him that night in the woods. Period!)

But when Nick realizes they're doomed, he turns to Glenn and says "thank you" to Glenn while they are standing on trash bins totally surrounded by walkers and kills himself. Then he falls dead, knocking Glenn off the trash bins into the arms of hundreds of hungry walkers.

We then see in this last camera angle, walkers pulling guts out and eating while Glenn just lays there in pooling blood.

BUT IS GLENN DEAD on The Walking Dead?


I don't think Glenn is dead and here is why, or at least as I explain my denial away.


When Nicholas' body knocks Glenn off the trash dumpster, they fall together, and it looks like Nicholas' body falls ON TOP of Glenn.

If that's the case, then the walkers may very well be eating Nick's innards and not Glenn's.

But if so, how the heck will Glenn be getting out of this predicament? It looks inescapable.

If you've taken to watching 'The Talking Dead,' you saw two things that could give you hope.

One, the 'In memory' video section, where they pay tribute to all who have died in that night's episode, walkers and humans alike, showed and named every deceased or death event. But unlike all other deaths where they put a name under the dead's visual, they did not put Glenn's name under his face. Just a question.

And during 'The Talking Dead,' show producer Scott Gimple said in a statement for the fans that "In some way we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story, to help complete the story."

- - -

That's all I have for you... some hope that Glenn is not dead.

NEXT WEEK's episode of The Walking Dead will be a 90-minute episode.  Prepare yourself. And let's hope they put closure on this Glenn thing then. But the way the story has been panning out this episode, they may keep us waiting until the week after.

They better not. That would tick me and many other fans off more!

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