BATMAN V SUPERMAN Is Getting Trashed By Critics, Should Fans Worry?

"Ruh roh Shaggy!"

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Is Getting Trashed By Critics,

Now that the embargo has been lifted on movie reviews, critics are chiming in about Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and right now, it is not a pretty sight.

Over on the critic score rating site, Rotten Tomatoes, critics are generally giving the film a bit of a pass, with the Tomato Meter sitting at 42% after 77 counted reviews. (The day prior, it was sitting at the mid 30s!)

But over on IMDb, where the fans are chiming in, we have almost 9,000 users having given the film a 9.4/10.***

***I never trust the first few thousand votes cast, because being a suspicious consumer, I always assume the studio puts up cast and crew to vote for their own movies.

To back that, I had to ask where 8,869 votes came from when the movie has only had a few movie premieres... Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York City and London.  Could nearly 9,000 votes come from these screenings?***

The film opens on March 23rd (today) in 12 countries.  As I write this, I don't see the rating numbers changing, so I don't think people have chimed in from those countries yet.

The film opens in over 35 other countries on the 24th.

And it opens in 26 other countries on the 25th of March, including here in the U.S..

I hope that movie goers start chiming in on IMDb and RT over the next few days and we can see how the film stacks up with real movie or franchise fans.

- - -

What I think I might be seeing is what I have coined "The Transformers Effect!"

Sure, RT has 42% right now, and it has gone up since yesterday. But how much farther will it go up?

By all standards, when that many "professional critics" pan a movie, that's usually a decent warning sign.

But these very same critics usually trash hard on the fantasy, popcorn fun kind of movies like the Transformers movies while franchise fans help those very same movies make BILLIONS of dollars while giving them good user rating scores.

It is this huge disparity that I call "The Transformers Effect." Fans will love what has hit the big screen while critics will be comparing it to Gone with the Wind, and having a film fail on that scale.

- - -

So I will wait to see what the fans have to say by Thursday night or Friday morning and see what happens.

Critics I trust are sitting on the fence, giving it a "2.5/4" or one other, a "C+."


Batman v Superman has already set a record with its pre-sale numbers out-performing Age of Ultron, so it will make a good chunk of money in its opening weekend, no matter how anyone feels about it.

If you're patient, maybe you can wait until the following weekend and see how things are really perceived. If you're that patient.

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WHOOP!: Before I finished writing:

The first IMDb score I referenced was from ~8,800 votes sitting at 9.4.
And RT had it at 42%.


It's later in the afternoon and I'm getting ready to publish and here are the numbers now:

"16544 IMDb users - 8.6 / 10"  This is not an insignificant drop!
ROTTEN TOMATOES ratings has dropped to 38% approval (5.2/10) after 95 reviews.

- - -
UPDATED 3-24-16

IMDb:  28347 users - 8.1 / 10
RT: 33%;  (5.2/10) 146 reviews.    123,856 Audience votes: 79%; 4.1/5;
- - -

UPDATED 3-25-16
IMDb: 52998 IMDb users - 7.7/10
RT: 30% (5.1/10) 206 reviews.  134k, 74%; 3.9/5.

- - -

In the meantime, if you want to see the reviews, follow the RT link just a few lines above and see what you think. Some say too dark, others say too boring and not enough fun. While more say Luthor is just too over the top and that there's too much drama and not enough comic book escapism.

Here's hoping that our wallets are not disappointed by another Zack Snyder film, that his wife is one of the producers on. I'm sure it will be just fine. Right?

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