How To Learn What Movie Critics To Trust!

So here we, the weekend after the bashing of Batman vs Superman by movie critics.  According to critics, if you chose to believe them, then this is one of the worse superhero films to ever hit the movie theater. (Apparently they did not see the latest Mad Max movie)

But I suspect that you, my readers, are smarter than the average bear and have learned to not completely trust the establishment of movie critics, but rather, trust your gut.

Now in trusting your gut, that could mean any of a few things.

-Being a comic book fan of yesteryear, you will support most comic book movies.

-You have specific blogs you like and trust when they write reviews.

-You get that the standard movie critic has no clue about what you like

-Judged off movie trailers that a film could or could not be that good, when it hits theaters.

- - -

But believe it or not, you can find movie critics that are aligned more or less with your tastes in movie.

I know, sounds crazy, right?

What I did is I pulled a huge list of movie critics off of Rotten Tomatoes, then started to compare their reviews of a few dozen movies that I liked, and a few that I did not like.

It was not easy, but once I was done, I had a list of about five critics that I lean towards checking on when I need to have some outside input.

And it's paid off, including recently, with Batman V Superman.

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