Is Norman Reedus Leaving THE WALKING DEAD? Truth or BS?

Is Norman Reedus leaving The Walking Dead. (Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead)

There's been a lot of noise in various websites about the possibility of Norman Reedus leaving AMC's The Walking Dead, the appearance of Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and who just may be dying when Negan shows up. (BTW, from what I can tell, that's perfect casting for Negan.)

(The following suggests various spoilers for the upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead...   and I call out the only out-and-out spoiler, sort of, from last weekend's show, without actually saying it, but the heavy implications are there. SO READ AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE if you have not seen the latest episode yet, or are worried about being spoiled by the source comic plots at this point.)

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The first inkling (clue/over-reaction) that Norman MIGHT be leaving the show was when he started filming a new show on AMC where he's riding a motorcycle around the country. Of course this set fans a tizzy on if he was leaving or not.

But I'm not sure that's a valid worry. Actors can do multiple projects at once, though when it comes to super popular shows, usually we don't see that.

But if it will help calm you down, since Norman Reedus joined The Walking Dead in 2010, he's done a 11 other projects that did not involve him playing Daryl Dixon, including his latest non-TWD project, a movie titled Triple 9.


Then I saw a site, Gallery Roulette, where they said he was leaving the show by the end of the season. BUT...  if you read the piece carefully, you saw some clues that this wasn't a real article. They finished the piece up with an "April Fool's" call out on everyone.

But this site seemed to be one of the first with this kind of headline... and I'm sure this link bait is working pretty well for them.  And as anyone knows, the internet rarely finishes reading an entire article never mind get past a title! SO it's been getting a ton of traction out there, including being constantly referenced to by Facebook.


But then, if you've seen previews for the upcoming week, we see Daryl leaving Alexandria to go look for Carol, who left the little enclave for whatever reasons she has going on in her head.

[Was it me, or did Carol just take a total blind turn in character the other week, where she went from ass-kicker to feeble-minded? I mean, I get the motivation but it was sure as heck a quick u-turn!]


Of course it did not help that a local Atlanta show/website started a different flurry of worry when they reported that Norman put his Atlanta house up for sale. Then then Hollywood backed that rumor. But the web being the web, and people not reading past most headlines...  Norman had to put things right and let it be known that it wasn't even his house that sold. Duh.


But here's the worrisome catch of it all?

With Negan showing up, everyone who is a fan of the comic is expecting a huge death. And all the marketing spinning up around the season finale promises huge amounts of trauma, violence, etc..

In the comics Negan kills Glenn. From what I gather, it was just to make a point and nothing more. So fans are worried.

Fans have started doing some pretty complicated extrapolations on some recent events that gave us an "eyeful" of action and drama and they think that this latest event could have switched up who is getting what, when. Including Negan's appearance.

(SPOILER from last weekend

Denise's contribution to forwarding the plot supposedly took the place of Abraham's moment. So maybe Negan meets Abraham?



Others are doubly worried because supposedly Norman Reedus will be the guest on The Talking Dead episode following the finale. And as we all know, sometimes when characters pass on in the show, they appear on The Talking Dead after that episode.

Fans are also saying we've been getting less screen time of Daryl this season.  But I'm not too worried about that. We had a ton of Daryl last season, so we get to see other developments with other characters these days. Plus, from what I mentioned earlier, he's been doing other things during almost his entire tenure on TWD.

It also doesn't help that people are also reporting that creator Robert Kirkman "blurts out" that Negan kills Glenn. But consider the source, where this "blurt" is during a Comedy Central show called @Midnight and during a planned segment called "Walking Dead Spoilers."   (See below, you be the judge... and don't be fooled by "Maggie" when he says this. These are actors!)


Of course it doesn't help anyone's nerves at all that the finale is titled "Last Day on Earth," and is now going to be a 90-minute episode and all the rumors and plots that are hurtling towards the finale, with the events of Negan and his baseball bat showing up, well, fans are worried.

The show exec, Scott Gimple, has said, someone will meet Lucille! We just don't know who.  (Lucille is Negan's bat.)

Will Glenn die? Or will it be Daryl? Could it even be Carol? Or was the latest event that took place this last weekend fill in the void or move things around for someone else, considering that act was done to "make a point?"

I don't know. I think fans would be pretty upset if Daryl were to bite it. More so than Glenn. But hey, the anxiety of not being able to trust a plot from a TV show is pretty fun. Plus...

Let's say neither of them die this season. Who is to say they won't suddenly bite it during next season??? Suddenly and shockingly?

We'll see, with just a few episodes left of The Walking Dead, it's getting pretty intense out there in TWD land!!!

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