NBC Ready to Cut From DISH Over Carrier Negotiations

If Sunday comes and you can't find any NBC product, or the Syfy channel on DISH Network, that's because NBC doesn't give a crap about us.

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Dish and NBC are at it again, with NBC threatening Dish's viewers with cutting all NBC programming out of its lineup this Sunday, 3-20-16, if the two can't come to an agreement.

With Dish getting cuts from NBC products, they would be pulling






CNBC, and


NBC, or it's cotrolling company, NBCUniversal is asking for fair market value, or, the same that Dish is paying to other distributors.

But for now, we get grandstanding as they threaten to pull our entertainment from us. WTF?

There's interesting leverage on both sides of the table, the most important in how more and more people are cord-cutting and network television losing its grip on ratings.

The last time Dish butted heads with a network, AMC said eff you to Dish and they streamed The Walking Dead from their website so we would not miss anything while Dish pulled the plug on the net.

But Dish likes to keep screwing with it's viewers, making us suffer because of their negotiations. And apparently so too does NBC.

Now admittedly, Dish has a kick-ass DVR with the Hopper, but that won't do viewers any good if they can't get channels to record on the Hopper.

And though I bash on NBC's practice here, we've seen this time and time again with various carriers.

It's times like this that cutting the cord seems like a reasonable option... 


And now that NBC has threatened to pull the plug on their programming, Dish has lobbed a lawsuit at NBCUniversal, declaring breach of contract.


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