STAR WARS: Are We Are Going To Drown In It? Plus The Disney Release Schedule

With the box office success of "The Force Awakens," Disney knows it made a good move in nabbing the Star Wars franchise and saving it from George Lucas. And then Disney went ahead and plotted out three new films, chapters VII, VIII and IX, plus three spinoffs to fill the void between two-year release dates.

All, I presume, to keep the toy and other markets swamped with Star Wars stuff. I mean, have you seen Target lately? Almost everything has a Star Wars version on the shelves!

But what I am worried about is now that the fans finally got a film they've been wanting to see for years upon years, will the future chapters of this franchise do as well as it did at the box office.

EVEN with box office numbers spiked by large format and 3D screening prices that are 150% that of 2D screening, we still see some incredible box office ticket sale numbers and The Force Awakens has destroyed all domestic box office numbers, monetarily, though...

Get this:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens still sits 11th on the list of number of movie tickets sold...

with Gone With The Wind still holding strong in first!

The Force Awakens has only sold an estimated 106 million movie tickets, while the original Star Wars sold 178 million tickets.

I know! Crazy how modern-day economics can outshine pure numbers!!! I'm a pure numbers kind of writer, so I enjoy seeing them.


Now, according to sources quoting a site called the Mirror, Disney is looking to plot out five more Star Wars films beyond the year 2020.

Those films possibly being focused on various other characters beside the core collective. I mean if you think about it, books and animated series have gone off and dragged obscure and even unknown characters into the limelight. And with an entire franchise universe to work from, Disney has a ton of opportunity to deluge the market.


For the moment, we have the following films pouring out of the production offices and into box offices:

Star Wars movies Release Schedule From Disney, as of March 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Starring Forest Whitaker, Felicity Jones and Mads Mikkelsen) coming out in December 2016.

Episode VIII in 2017

Han Solo spinoff (2018)

Episode IX in 2019

Boba Fett spinoff (2020)

And if you think about it, well OF COURSE they would plot and plan for more movies. WTH?


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