Will Marvel Cross Over SHIELD And CAP 3?

Will we ever see SHIELD or other TV characters in MARVEL MOVIES?

If you remember, back in season one of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, the show had a huge stumbling block, and that being that the main thrust of the story from that season had to wait for Captain America 2 to come out before SHIELD (on TV) could react to their own organization being infiltrated. As it was in CAP 2. (The Winter Soldier)

Then once events took place in CAP 2, SHIELD was free to move forward with what became the backbone of their story and show. And once that took place, the crap story telling faded to black and we had a good show.

But therein lies an interesting situation.

Marvel TV and Marvel Movies needed each other, more so the TV division needing the movie division, and this great handshake within the Marvel Cinematic Universe took off.

At least as far as SHIELD was concerned.


Then there were the various reports about how Marvel Television and Marvel Studios were having a snit with each other and weren't exactly cooperating with each other.

But since that bit of information had made it to the web, the man himself from Marvel, Kevin Feige, said that these reports were not true and that both entities of Marvel productions ARE working with each other. The big snag, he's been known to say, about the relationship between the two studios, is production speeds, which is why it's easier for the television landscape to reflect the movies more easily.

But then he goes on to say in other statements that there's no set date for any kind of crossover between film and TV.

Though I'm thinking that if they really wanted to, they can pull it off.


Since the events in the end of season one of SHIELD, we have not seen much in the way of guest appearances from characters in the movies. We've heard names bantered around in the show, but as far as the movies go, we've seen very little reference to anyone or thing in the show.

And that should be an interesting point, considering that per the story line in SHIELD, there are all kinds of Inhumans popping up around the globe. But if that's the case, then CAP 3, or, Captain America Civil War, has a grand opportunity to address these Inhumans.



Because in CAP 3, the governments are worried about these super-powered humans running around, unchecked. Or uncontrolled. So there will be an issue between super-powered people being registered and managed.

Now if all this content under SHIELD is taken into account in the next CAP movie, then where should be some kind of mention between meta-humans needing to be managed and what's taking place on ABC's SHIELD, considering that in SHIELD, there seems to be people popping up all over the place, around the globe, changing into Inhumans.

In fact there are so many that in the show, it will be starting to get news media attention.

But will the movies address this?

There is supposedly going to be one episode of SHIELD addressing events from CAP 3. But many are not expecting this to go the other way.


But when you have an infrastructure of TV and film products, it would seem to be a good thing to have both address each other. Wouldn't it?

Or what would the big deal be, as part of some of the bigger movie character actors contracts, to have them drop by SHIELD once a season or so? Come on, can't we catch us some Steve Rogers or Clint or Natasha on TV?

But look at DC. They have both universes, the movies and TV, but they don't even glance each other's ways. I'd love to see Marvel be Marvel and set yet another trend. Considering how they set this superhero movie trend quite nicely when the would not take no for an answer for it's first self-funded film, Iron Man.  (They apparently had around 60 director/writers pass up Iron Man because of how comic book movies tended to turn out. I'm glad Jon Favreau said yes, he rocked Iron Man and set the trend for the rest of the MCU. (Marvel Cinematic Universe.)


The Boredom of Legal Crap

Well, there are the contractual obligations and restrictions that go into an actor's day on the set. And what both parties, the studio and actors set up as restrictions, obligations or 'can't dos.' And it's pretty complicated.

It's so complicated that I'm surprised these actor folks have any energy left to spin their craft.

Here's a quickie example of legal trip ups: Back in the day when Warner Bros was pumping out a Superman movie every few years to keep the character rights... there were two creators of the character, and at one point, heirs of both families were fighting over ownership of the rights.

It came down to who owned the term kryptonite, who owned the flying powers, the boots, the cape, and other minutia. If you look around you'll even see how it did impact the films when in some films the cape had an S on it and other versions did not.

That's how the legal crap can bog down a project.


Any way, here's the first trailer from Captain America: Civil War... It's been out a while, but here it is. Regardless of when or if we'll ever see the TV to film transitions, I'm sure CAP 3 will knock our socks off...

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