Can X-FILES Really Muster A New Season?

Word on the street is that the quickie short, six-episode return series of X-Files was one of the better performing shows that Fox aired last year.

And Fox wants more, I guess.

Right now the headlines floating around are that Fox is in significant talks to renew the show. Those significant talks are with creator Chris Carter, and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.


Now I don't know about you, but I'm a little confused, and then, maybe hopeful.

For one, that last season had some fun stuff in it, where we had those stand-alone episodes that skipped around the conspiracy bullshit. But then the show, having a great chance to move on, picked up on more conspiracy crap and went with it. And that's where I got lost.

But Fox execs are saying they had to fill the mythology with new viewers and we won't get that same noise in a new season.

That, despite that dumbass cliff-hanger, with Scully looking up at a bright beam of light in the closing seconds of the season finale.

Yes, more lights, more things in the sky, and more alien (or not) drama.


So the Fox executives are calling the conspiracy noise the show's mythology. And they're trying to glaze over the idea that the cliffhanger didn't annoy the living crap out of the established fan base, not to mention totally unfair to the new fans, just in case the show never got picked up again.

Either way, I found it boring that they kept with the conspiracies and only teased us a little bit with some fun stand alone episodes. That, and at one point, I could have sworn we were teased about the Peacocks, and never got them!


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