New MAN OF STEEL Sequel News, Now that SUICIDE SQUAD "Sucks"

A new MAN OF STEEL sequel is on the horizon...

It's fascinating how two well received movies (by the fans) that are trashed by critics can seemingly change everyone's perspectives at a studio.

So first, Batman v Superman got trashed by critics, but franchise fans loved it, to the tune of a 6.9/10 on IMDb. But WB/DC took the reviews to heart and jumped the gun, as they started making changes to Suicide Squad.

Some of those changes included adding more light-hearted fun, like the trailers fans saw that definitely made Suicide Squad look more fun. They went right into some reshoots to change the tone of the film.

Then Suicide Squad reviews started showing up and sure as shit, the "professional critics" trashed on this film also, like in titles like "Suicide Squad is a bigger disaster than BvS" and what not.

All the while, fans are chiming in with a 7/10 score on the film over on IMDb.

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Now we all know that critics have their heads up their asses when it comes to popcorn or some comic book film franchises like this. They continue to review and score these films on the same scales they include their serious dramatic movies, trash on it, while some of them go on to make billions at the box office.

So be it.

But critics are sadly an important aspect of the process, since these critics can sway or attract movie fans that are not necessarily fans of the comics but are looking for advice on whether or not they should go catch a movie.

In the end, studios still need these blind critics to keep their bottom line alive in a film. Or studios need to modify their approach to a film to include more substance to draw in these critics.

Be it as it may, now news on the street is that WB has started to work on the next Man of Steel film, with industry insiders taking a while stab that its release date could be as early the latter half of 2019.

As in, they're not taking a step back and going with a sure thing!


I wish they would quit second guessing themselves. Look at what Christopher Nolan did with the Dark Knight film series. He did three, he called out his plans on the films, kept them as he planned, despite Marvel coming out with their fun films, and Nolan did great with these films.

Now WB is half committing to their plans and they keep "modifying" them on the fly.

I know, initially, they did not want to be like Marvel, but something has to give. Every year hundreds of comedy films come out, and they're all like each other or some way or another. It's the ones done well that stand out, not how well they tried to play to specific masses.

To be honest, I don't know what I would do in their shoes, but they have to make a plan and stick to it. Instead, we keep getting reviews that sway their decision process.

Hey DC... um, look what happened when Marvel went with making Deadpool?  Best performing dramatic movie at the box office, ever. Just saying'

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