Supergirl, Flash, Flashpoint

Word on the street is that with "Supergirl" moving to The CW, people like myself are wondering how they will join the two worlds? A few months back I had questioned this since that one crossover they did, "The Flash" showed up in "her world," and the way DC handled it was that she knew nothing of any of the other vigilante characters, as if they didn't exist at all in her realm of reality.

I thought that this approach was lame and sucked, back when they did it. And now with "Supergirl" coming into The CW, well, now what?

NOW let's take a look at the most recent developments on "The Flash."


At the end of last season, Barry did the ultimate stupid move and went back in time and saved his mother from being murdered. This will be the focus of the story in this upcoming season, being referred to or called "Flashpoint."

If you think about it, that changes pretty much EVERYTHING on the show.

His father never goes to prison, he is never adopted by his present family, never has the girl of his dreams fall in love with him, etc., etc.. But hey, at least his mom's alive, right?

But the other word(s) on the street is that...

The "Flashpoint" story arc, where everything will be different, won't last the entire season. Which, BTW, this time tweak story arc idea is pulled from the comic pages of an actual short alternate story.

The events in "Flashpoint" will help bring Supergirl and obviously Superman, into the DC fold of the other shows.  (Just in case you are living under a rock that does not get internet, they've cast Superman and he will actually be showing up on "Supergirl.")

Then there's this ultimate crossover episode that I guess they're filming where everyone from all the DC shows will be appearing together. I think. It depends on how you want to interpret a pic that Stephen Amell (Arrow) posted to twitter.

This ultimate crossover looks to be involving everyone from "Supergirl," "The Flash," "Arrow," and "Legends of Tomorrow."

Well, if done right, will be pretty cool to see The CW/DC pull this off. Right?

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