Bad Boys is returning for Bad Boys 3. 'Nuff said there, right? And yes, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are returning with it. At least, as it stands today, that's how things are panning out.

It's due out in 2018.


The Cloverfield universe is alive and well. First we had Cloverfield, then we had a sparsely related sequel of sorts, called 10 Cloverfield Lane. Now, we'll be getting another Cloverfield project titled God particle, and it will be taking place in space.

Space people, space.

But to be clear, despite these movies taking place in the world of Cloverfield, they aren't either. For instance, SPOILER SPOILER >> 10 Cloverfield Lane takes place in a different timeline << END SPOILER than the first film. This newest addition to this film universe will also have a very weak, if any real direct connections to events in the first two films.

Because, you know, having sequels that have nothing to do with the original films is where the craziness is! Right?

And yes, I'm as confused as you are about this bullshit. I think they're just trying to figure out new tricks on how to make movies and getting people to see them.

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In case you had not seen the news, the Deadpool sequel lost the director, Tim Miller. Creative differences is the standard rule of separation here. Early rumors were saying that the John Wick director, David Leitch is taking his place. But now that is being refuted.

So that means that the Deadpool sequel may be a bit different of a beast next time around.

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Edge of Tomorrow is getting a sequel, or, to be more accurate, a prequel. With Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt returning. At least that's the early news on casting. But the news bites are early and there's plenty of time for this project to fall through.

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Not sure if you heard or have seen it, but the 2016, all-female version of Ghostbusters was apparently pretty bad. So bad that when Honest Trailers did their thing to the new version, they had to shut down comments on their video.

In fact it did so bad that the distributor has changed up the name of the movie for the DVD/BD release. Yep, that bad.

Now it's called Ghostbusters, Answer the Call.

Here's Honest Trailers taking a swing at the film:

{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4LDlBCkA2g }

- - -

Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to Predator franchise?

As you may know the next Predator film, being called The Predator. I know... real original there.  It will have Shane Black directing. (I hope he doesn't make Predator an out of work character actor! I was pretty pissed with what he did to The Mandarin in Iron Man 3, but got over it.)

Predator products on Amazon

Rumors back in May were saying that Arnold would be returning to the franchise. But if you found the right online sources, you would also find that this plan is not set in stone yet. But Arnold will be chatting with Shane about the project, and Shane has said that if he does return to the franchise, he'll probably be returning as an older version of his old character.

There, got that out of the way.

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